Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hamer Hall and the Gladdies

I thought I would set off early to capture the gladdys (Gladiolus) next to the renovated and re-opened Hamer Hall in the morning light. I suppose them being there was a connection with Dame Edna performing at Hamer Hall. As you can see, I was too late. Workmen were dismantling them. They looked great when they up, and with some good lighting on them at night.

Photo of the gladdies from the Herald Sun when they were erect as a Brazilian goat.

I believe this coffee and food van is operated by Michael Ibrahim. I wonder if he is one of those Sydney Ibrahims. Probably not. I think he could whip up a five course meal from what is jammed into the van.

The rebuilt entrance to Hamer Hall is very swish. The barriers rather spoil the scene. Hopefully they will be removed soon.

For some time as I have travelled over Princes Bridge, I have wondered what this concrete thing was all about. Ah, it became clear when viewed from the other side.

Well, my first issue. Why was a solid concrete fence built that blocked any view of the river below? Along the river below is an open metal fence. Why not here? If there is some outdoor dining going to happen in this area, an open fence would have been so much better.

Some forthcoming attractions. ABI Brother saw Tina Arena perform at Hamer Hall last Sunday night.

R moved away in embarrassment as I tried to explain to the cafe that the Vegemite was for my raisin toast. The cafe could not imagine the possibility. They sweetness of the fruit and the saltiness of Vegemite go very well together.

It was a lovely bright and clear morning and everyone was in a cheerful mood. You can see the earlier mentioned open metal fence. Beyond is another paved lower level next to the river bank.

Ah, this is all new. There are going to be restaurants along here. Just what Melbourne needs. Our demand for food out is insatiable.

The National Gallery, Victoria, has had a renovation. Hamer Hall is now renovated. I suppose the theatre building will be next. Give 'em cake.

I rather liked these thingies in Southgate, with their changing patterns. Lava lamps for the the 21st century.


  1. I reckon the gladdies should be displayed in Queens Park, Moonee Ponds the birthplace of Dame Edna Everage after the gladdies have been made of sterner stuff to withstand the weather.

  2. Fine with me Windsmoke. I hoped they would be permanent but once you see them, you know they would not last long in the weather.

  3. Colin8:52 am

    I think I have never heard of such a combination as raisin toast and vegemite! Yuck! It is a wonder your friend didn't move to another cafe/restaurant!
    At the rate we are collecting "silver" medals, now 12 these will be games best forgotten.
    I doubt if a chartered Qantas jet will be dispatched to bring them back like was done for Athens and Beijing.

  4. Why do they have to remove the gladdies? They're so beautiful as they are.

  5. Vegemite and apricot jam = sweet and sour toast. Yum.

  6. It seems that Perth is not the only Australian city in the throes of major renovations, Melbourne is such a lovely city you hope they're not going to spoil it by going too modern, the concrete fence is a bit of a worry for a start! I had to bring the shot of Soul Kitchen in closer to see the fab range of goodies, I think you may be right, they have a fantastic stock in board. Shame about the gladdies, they looked so magnificent when they were erect!

  7. @Colin; there is no shame in silver. I dislike the way many people are carrying on as if we're a bunch of losers for not winning gold.

    I like the lava lamps, that's something I never thought I'd see in front of a building like that.
    I'm going to have to try vegemite on raisin toast, usually I just slather it with real butter.
    I remember watching Tina Arena on Young Talent Time in the 70's, it was the last thing my two year old was allowed to see before bedtime. Later, in the 90's I saw her on stage in a song and dance show put on by David Atkins who also performed. I have several of her songs on my i-pod.

  8. oh the gladdies were cool. Sounds like Hamer Hall is a hit, I'm sure I'll get there some day.

    As for your vegemite on toast, I guess you can't knock it til you've tried it, which I have not.

  9. Colin, we do Vegemite differently down south. Silver is so much prettier than gold.

    Rubye, they were only meant to be temporary, but I have heard they will go up again at christmas.

    FC, perfect. Like me, Vegemite is only second to mother's milk.

    Grace, Melbourne feels like it is one very large construction site at the moment. I didn't even know the name of food van, Soul Kitchen.

    River, I like that Tina lives in Paris and speaks French and has been awarded the highest honour possible by the French gov. We have a lava lamp, but here, because of the airflow, it doesn't get hot enough to work properly.

    Fen, give it a few weeks until Hamer Hall is properly finished. Raisin bread was on special at Woolworths this week.

  10. Of course R moved away in embarrassment as you tried to explain that the Vegemite was for my raisin toast. He probably grew up in Sydney... or somewhere. It should be obvious to all that the sweetness of the fruit bread and the saltiness of Vegemite go very well together!!

    When my beloved first moved from Sydney, he had never seen jam and yellow cheese eaten together on the one slice of bread. For goodness sake!! Now he loves it.

  11. Hels, he grew up in northern England, so he detests Vegemite. He thinks because I like Vegemite, a lot must be put on. No. Jam and cheese? Not sure about that, but could be good with a smear of Vegemite on the cheese.

  12. Sweet and salty things go well together. I can imagine that for people who like Vegemite, raisins would taste good with it.

  13. Windsmoke's Moonee Ponds idea for the gladdies is so excellently obvious, the councils would never think of it.
    Hels yes - cheese and figpaste, and wensleydale cheese with mince pies or fruitcake.
    pineapple on pizza, sweet n sour pork etc etc

  14. Dina, I forget if you like Vegemite or not.

    Ann, you are going too far now.

  15. Andrew; try strawberry jam on salty crackers, but not reduced salt, you don't get the same sweet/salt combination.

  16. River, not for a long time, but I have had that combo before. Yes, works well.