Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Transport Apps

While I was overseas I turned the automatic update for my phones apps off. I did not want to incur data charges at the high rates that you pay when you are overseas and still using your normal home service. Yes, I did consider buying a local pre paid phone card, but it just didn't seem worth the bother. Perhaps I should have.

Once home, I turned the update facility on again and very shortly my apps started updating themselves, one after another. They were just sitting there waiting for the moment to chew up my bandwidth. Not that I was worried. I have a 1gb allowance and I normally use less than twenty per cent.

What is this one? Train Trapper. I don't know that I have used it.
I have Tram Hunter for live tram times.
I have Offi for all public transport times, which I mainly use for buses but I am never sure if it is live or not.
I have Metlink, mainly to check timetables or routes.
But Train Trapper? I must check what it does. (I have now checked and it seems to give live train times for your nearest railway station)

You may think I have an excessive number of public transport apps, but each one does at least one thing really well. None do everything and certainly none do everything well.


  1. I am still overseas and am VERY aware of the data charges that can be charged at very high rates indeed. People have said they have been faced with unexpected bills up to $800. :( what a nightmare.

  2. I tihnk I have more Apps on my phone that have been used once or twice only than I have Apps that I use regularly.

    It's a case of 'seemed like a good idea at the time'.

  3. Hels, I am not sure what planet people live on if they think they can use things like they do at home. I remember one phone company charging global roaming charges for Tasmania.

    Much the same for me Victor. 'Isn't that a cool app, when I use it the first time, and then never use it again.

  4. Define "Live". Tram Hunter is. Metlink's app shows the same tram arrival times. AFAIK Offi and certainly Train Trapper show you scheduled times, not live ones (though the latter includes crowdsourced delay information)

  5. Hello Andrew:
    At the risk of appearing to be complete Luddites here, we must say that we have absolutely no idea what a transport app may or may not be or what it does or how one even gets one to work. How we have managed all these years without them leaves us mystified, we now feel truly bereft!

  6. Apps .... apps ..... I have avoided anything starting with a small 'i' but can see that soon I'll have to join in because they sound and look too damn useful.

    Bloody apple.

  7. Kath you can get apps on non apple devices too!!

    I have loads of the buggers and I don't use them all that often! I did get rid of a heap when I upgraded my phone.

  8. Daniel, well it is real time I suppose. That is when the tram will arrive rather than when it is meant to arrive. Train Trapper is useless then. It does nothing more than Metlink. If Offi doesn't show real time, then I am very impressed with Melbourne Bus Link. The last four times I have used their buses, they have arrived to minute, as Offi has indicated.

    JayLa, if you are waiting for a tram and want to know when the next will arriver, rather than when it is due, you check the app on your phone. I suspect, just a hunch mind, that phone apps were not the subject for discussion when you recently dined with the Queen of Norway.

    Hey Kath. I too have avoided i things. But yes, apps are useful, well some, well not many really. Two maybe.

    Ah Fen, I missed that. Kath thought they were i associated. No, clever people write useful apps and give them away for free.