Saturday, July 21, 2012

Town Hall Tour

I've taken the free Melbourne Town Hall tour before. The link to my post is here. It was a much better post than this one. The tour was so good I wanted R to do it too, so we did. I will have to do again as in the future it will feature an auto demonstration of the organ in action. I mean, it will be a computer controlled demo.

The guide was the same bloke as last time and he certainly knows his stuff on Melbourne's history. I did catch him out on 'electric trams now run on the streets where the cable trams ran'. No, not in Lonsdale Street that had a cable tram, later a minimal number of buses. Now it has become a full on bus street. I didn't mention it. It is a small point and town hall tourists aren't that bothered by minor details.

While I am unsure of the correct name of this auditorium, it is where the large organ resides and seems to be called the Main Hall. The organ is a wondrous thing and some of the pipes can be seen.

Lovely murals by the talented young artist Napier Waller. The murals were painted after a fire at the Town Hall in 1925 when much of the interior was damaged.

The pipes are calling. There must be hundreds of organ pipes, now all controlled by computer. There are large pipes...

 and tiny pipes. The organ was renovated and modernised about ten years ago.

The town hall balcony has seen some honoured guests who waved to their admirers below, from The Beatles, to Abba. More recently Lord Mayor Doyle watched the police brutally remove the Occupy Melbourne protesters in the square to the left in the this photo.

The Manchester Unity building is one of my favourites in our fair city. It was interesting to be up a bit higher and see the top a little better.

I haven't included the photo of R sitting in the Lord Mayor's chair in Council Chambers, but he did.


  1. That Manchester Unity building has it's architectural twin in Sydney which used to be known as the T&G Building (also reflecting an insurance company). I'm not sure what it's current name is.

  2. You're right. The organ is a wondrous thing ;)

  3. 'Napier Waller' A very modern sounding name. let's hope the bogans never come across it.

    A top draughtsperson and exponent of the style.

  4. Victor, Melbourne also has its own T&G Building which I think is a little more recent than MU but still quite nice.

    Rob, splutter. You don't play the organ then?

    LS, a grand name. I must look up some more on him soon. I liked what I learnt.

  5. Computerised organ, wow! Does it still need an organist? I was hoping for a shot of the outside of the Town Hall.

  6. Diane, at this stage I think it does still need an organist. There are four keyboards and three footboards to play and you can imagine how many stops to pull out and push in there must be. I'll take a photo of the outside of the TH when I'm next in town. It is pretty big, so I may end up borrowing one from the internet.

  7. Napier Waller was terrific. He deserves to be better known.

  8. I hope that the organ will always need an organist Andrew..I loathe it when everything becomes automated! I heard that the BIG trucks used in the mines up north will be automated, I ask myself WHY it's not as they don't make zillions in profit. I enjoyed both your trips around Melbourne Town Hall, looooved the pic of the Beatles waving from the balcony but am a little sad that you didn't take the shot of R sitting in 'that' chair.

  9. Town Halls do tours?
    That's news to me.

  10. Well, I won't forget him now Hels.

    Grace, I hope not too. They have driverless train in London and I heard they are going ahead elsewhere too. I did take the shot, but I didn't put it up. He doesn't like to be on the net.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Adelaide doesn't River. I can't remember yours but I am sure it is quite impressive. Yep,

  11. Have you been on the tour of the MU building? It was or is open soon, I heard them talking about it on the radio. Of course I only ever remember after the fact!

  12. Fen, no not done that. Bitch bugger bum. Open House next weekend and I am working both days.