Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The 'Lympics

I arose a bit earlier than I had to on Saturday before work. I caught a good bit of the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. I enjoyed what I saw, which was almost from the beginning to about the entry of the Kenyan team into the stadium. Sadly I missed the lighting of the cauldron. One thing jarred on me, one Australian athlete draped in our flag. Inappropriate.

I certainly enjoyed seeing the Fijian team arrive. S'cuse. Could I have a munch on them!

The Queen being escorted to the Olympics by James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, was brilliant, and quite shocking at seven in the morning. I love and am very kind to animals, but I so wanted to give those corgis a kicking.

I felt a bit sorry for the lost and vacant looking OAP, old age pensioner. She was clearly in need of a rejuvenating nanna nap. Jumping out of chopper does rather sap one's energy. I assume she has a bus pass. She should have just cut the event a bit earlier. The younger lady is explaining the intricacies of artificial horse insemination to the English PM Day Cam.

Bone Doctor worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital for a few months and then moved on to St Mary's in Paddington. Australian doctors working in London did not turn up to work hungover, unlike the English doctors. After Mitt Romney's 'go' at England about security during the London Olympics, the hospital part of the ceremony could have been a last minute addition to 'have a go back' at the United States health system.

I came across this poster somewhere on the internet. It is wonderful and I cannot sit on it for two years until the next Empire Commonwealth Games. Note, Australia at the top.

I really liked the opening of the London's Olympics. It was ever so English and if the cost of labour was translated back to the Beijing Olympics, I reckon it was a lot cheaper. You can do glitz with money, but you can be clever and effective with much less money. 


  1. Is there an Olympics on?

  2. Colin (HB)7:50 am

    Well I certainly didn't get up to watch the opening. Left the TV off until the afternoon replay.
    Even turned that off when the "punk rockers" appeared. HM certainly did appear bored. Probably was wondering "where are the horses,I thought I was going to Ascot?"
    Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean), stole the show, I thought.
    HRH Anne would be most flattered by your "tongue in cheek" young lady comment!
    Totally agree with you on the draping of the flag around a person.
    Flags are for flag poles and are to be respected.
    I gave the ceremony a 7.5 out of 10, still it was far superior to Los Angeles and God forbid the CNN show at Atlanta. Do you you remember the uproar here in Australia over the coverage of those games??? All overseas TV broadcasts had to be taken from what CNN showed and that was I think every American who was competing!
    Now, I'll get off my "soap box" - ha ha!
    You have, by the way, given a pretty good run-down, well done.

  3. I am watching the Games from Europe and loving them, but Australia is never mentioned. In fact Australia is never mentioned in the newspapers here at all. Only when 5 swimmers were eaten by sharks were people last aware of our Wide Brown Land.

    Glad you mentioned young Commonwealth doctors staffing the British National Health. Spouse and I spent our first 5 years OS, half of it in or near London hospitals. He worked 106 hours a week with shitty pay, but at least the hospital provided cheap flats and cheap meals. And he learned truck loads of medicine.

    Best 5 years of my life :)

  4. Lovely to see dogs trotting through all the opulence. Noblesse oblige is what I like about the royals, they invented it.

  5. Hello Andrew:
    We have much enjoyed this post as we now feel that we can say something about the Olympics which is not, as you may have guessed, our thing! Nor, from the pictures, that of HM The Queen!

  6. Victor, clearly the male gymnasts and male diving has not started yet or you would not be unaware. So far as I know, there will not be a Matt Shirvington running or anyone quite like him.

    Haha Colin. Where are the horses? I had forgotten the broadcast of the Coco-Cola, sorry, Atlanta Olympics. Atkinson was brill. I liked that the ceremony wasn't overly lavish and I did enjoy the music, even the punk, up to a point.

    Hels, they must have treated new doctors like they did, and to a lesser extent, still do here. You do rather get a different perspective of Australia's importance in the world when you are in Europe.

    RH, I suppose the nice thing about dogs is they know opulence even when it surrounds them.

    JayLa, I expect the old girl might have seen one too many Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

  7. I thought it was all pretty good because it was done with such a good helping of humour. I think the scary black creatures (from presumably a famous children's book whose title escaped me) could have been left out as well as the enormous - and creepy - baby in the bed.

    And kick a corgi - noooooooo! I wanted them as the OG mascots!

  8. I saw bits of the ceremony and liked what I saw, it was nicely British and the music was wonderful

  9. I haven't seen any of the Olympics so far, apart from a second or two as I flip past the news.

  10. Kath, I agree about black creatures. I missed the enormous baby. Her corgies are biters, I believe. But yes, it did not take itself too seriously.

    Nicely British. Well put Fen.

    River, apart from the opening, nor have I. I have heard a bit. The battle between Aus and England is non event and we aren't do well at all.

  11. Well it seems we are never going to agree on some things Andrew, the Opening Ceremony HUGE waste of money, the OAP aka HRH I love!! Vive la difference haha!!

  12. Grace, we have to have our entertainments provided to us, lest we start concentrating on politics and governments.

  13. Or how regimented our lives are.

  14. The first I knew of the Queen's chopper ride was from a report in the Hun. Underneath a picture of Her Maj was the caption 'we are not amused'.

    At first glance Anne appeared to be using the Auslan for 'd'head', but your interpretation is much more cleverer. Once again, however, it seems 'we' was not amused.

  15. FC, I think it was just a bit late for We. We needed a large glass of whiskey and sleep. 'Phillip, not on your Nellie. Get off to your own bed'.