Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malaysia Day 9

Manny had a couple of business appointments in Penang on Monday and he was then driving back to KL. We still had one night to go, so Monday we occupied ourselves with a trip to the funicular railway that climbs up the steep Penang Hill. I say trip to, because we caught a taxi, RM35, to the train, only to find it was closed for maintenance for two days. Damn shame. Here it is in action. It seems very fast and there are some good views of Georgetown as it descends.

Our taxi had gone but we spied a bus. Why don't I have maps and public transport information! We asked the driver and she was quite helpful. We had to decided to go to Gurney Plaza, a couple of kilometres from our hotel. She told us we had to change along the way from her bus, the 204, to the 304. She made sure we alighted at the correct place which I think was called Komtar. The fare was only MR2, very cheap.

We made the change to the 304 and then down came the rain.

We ran from the bus to the police tent and stood there for shelter, but we quickly realised it holes and we were getting wet. We moved to a closed  hawker food market and sheltered there. We didn't know how far the Plaza was. Running from stall to stall we got a bit closer. A local was also taking shelter there. She too was going to the Plaza. I checked with her which direction it was but still the rain fell. We must have waited about forty minutes and had a taxi passed by, we would have caught it. Eventually the rain eased and the Plaza was no distance at all. We had some lunch, bought a few bits and caught a taxi back to the hotel.

We arrived back at the Northam Fawlty Towers and made enquiries about a taxi to the station in the early morning. I said to R in the lift on our way up to our rooms, 'I wonder what surprise the Northam Fawlty Towers will have for us today?' I didn't really think anything would be wrong or that we wouldn't have towels, as we had hung them up. But once again, the hotel excelled itself. Our room had been flooded by an overflowing bath two floors above. We packed up and were moved to the room below. R had a nap after the fuss had died down. He stepped out of bed only to step in a big puddle of water in the bedroom. The water had come down to this room too. It was only in one area, so we ignored it. I decided to have a spa bath. It took a long time to fill, but it was fantastic. I wondered how much bubble bath to add? I'll use the whole bottle as it is not large. It was a little too much and I had to watch the suds didn't go over the edge.

From the taxi earlier as we travelled along the beach front we spied a few western food places. In the evening we walked along Persiaran Gurney. It seemed a little cooler at the edge of the sea. We had some fine western food at the Coffee Island below. As well as many fans, they were also misting to keep the patrons cool.  Another place I highly recommend.

Disabled access to the seaside walk. There wasn't much else in Malaysia that was disabled friendly. We had an early night as tomorrow we have a train to catch back to KL.


  1. Malaysia seems a good place for a honeymoon (hey suckers!) I wonder if many do it from here.
    These postings are entertaining but don't get a lot of comments, I can't think why.

  2. I like your bathtub picture.

    Lots of bubbles.

    It's funny you were in the mood for a bath after another person's bath caused flooding in your room.

    It would be a good scene in a movie...if your bath overflowed and then bubbles dropped from the below-person's ceiling.

    I doubt that's scientifically possible, though.

  3. RH, I know these types of posts don't get high comments. It seem there is not a lot to say when I have said it all. I've looked at the stats though and the readership is high, including fifteen regular readers in Malaysia that weren't there before. They will drop off now I have finished. Tomorrow is the last diary post about Malaysia. The veiled women post had a good number comments, even though most hold back on something touchy like that.

    Dina, the funny thing is the bathrooms all have overflow drains, so I am really not sure why that did not work. Wish I had stuck my foot up higher for the photo. I felt I wanted to use a lot of the hotel's hot water and bath product in revenge.