Sunday, July 15, 2012

Malaysia Day 8 Part 1

We arrived in Penang about six in the evening. This is looking good. Champers while we are checking into the Northam Fawlty Towers. The foyer looks nice enough and over there is where breakfast is served. Sorry Sir, there will not be any towels until seven o'clock. What? A hotel without towels? We have had a full day coming here via the Cameron Highlands. We badly want showers, now! Towels were found.

Manny was staying in another hotel as ours was fully booked. He arrived and we drove to a street called New Lane for.......more hawker food. A workmate of mine was in Penang at the same time, so he joined us for dinner. He was hinting that we should go out to a bar but we were pretty weary after a long day and the long drive. Manny dropped us back to our hotel.

After breakfast R and I took a walk to orient ourselves a bit. We never really did orient ourselves. It is the only place I think I have ever been where I didn't have a paper map. I do like paper maps.

What is this dinosaur like looking object in our room at Northam Fawlty Towers?
Although I was sure we were to have free wi fi, it turned out to be just a plug in job and it was slow as.

We were on the fortieth something floor with stunning views, if you could see properly out of the filthy and slime covered windows.

Manny collected us to visit a large complex of Chinese temples.I didn't notice the old Volvo when I took the shot. Apart from taxis, that must have been the oldest car we saw. Note the traffic light seconds count down indicator.

And  a red count down indicator.

Donations from rich Chinese just keep pouring into the temple complex and I am not sure that they can spend the money fast enough. Penang is a very Chinese rather than Malay area, and is somewhat rebellious against the ruling Malay political parties.

A bit of cutesy stuff for the kids.

Although on a steep hill, it was nicely laid out.

A funicular to get us down to more of the site below. It carried us back up too. Beats stairs.

One can only imagine the crowds for Chinese New Year. I asked Manny what the banner read, but he doesn't read Chinese. He asked someone for me. It was something to do with last Chinese New Year.

Enough of the temples?
See the handle sticking up? We donated and gave the bell a good whack.

The pagoda? We climbed it. Not as many stairs as the Bata Caves in KL, but they progressively became narrower with smaller steps as we rose. Great view of Penang down below.

A mass of well fed tortii. (my word, don't argue)

This place is huge. Its proper name is Kek Lok Si and it is of course a buddhist temple.

We never really covered the whole site but I was starting to feel a bit unwell. We went off for a late lunch to a well known beef noodle restaurant in Jalan Selamat. Just what I fancy. Noodles.

There are still many of these colonial era mansions in Penang. While this one was empty, many are still used, not especially as private housing though.


  1. I like noodles. Not for breakfast but at other meals.

  2. Victor, they are fine as part of a diet. I just got sick of them all time.

  3. The Bata caves had a funicular but it wasn't working when I was there, I get the feeling it's gone altogether now. (I was going to mention it in the relevant post but couldn't think of the word "funicular'.)

  4. I had a bad toothache going over to Penang, didn't get it pulled until Singapore where I saw "Dentist" at the bottom of stairs between two shops. He was sitting in the corner of a rather bare room, wearing a grubby singlet and reading a newspaper. He hurled the paper into the air when I walked in with my swollen face. He did a good job. The anathesia wore off a bit quick, that's all.

  5. The countdown lights are an excellent ides...than you mightn't get so many banking... "torti" Sounds like it could become a new word -
    The inside of that temple with the three Buddi (my word)is really something else

  6. RH, I wasn't aware of the funicular at Batu Caves. There is a proposal to build a new one, but the tale reads rather like a railway line to Doncaster.

    A dentist experience is to be valued. They have done it all.

    MC, and people don't speed up because they see the lights are going to change to red, which is the argument used against having a similar system here.

    Tortoises is a pretty cumbersome word to say. There were so many temples there, I showed only a couple. You should be grateful :)

  7. Great pics, looks like a very interesting part of the world.

  8. It is interesting Fen. I was quite surprised by the country.

  9. My country just a mile from Malaysia pls come around to Indonesia

  10. There are 'tortii' in many temples in Singapore, as well. They enjoy a rather idyllic existence and lovely surroundings.

  11. One day we will Mr Bali. Now stop burning and make Malaysia happy. :)

    Kath, I have never seen such a mass before. They climb on top of each other and then fall off.