Thursday, July 12, 2012

Malaysia Day 5

This could be subtitled getting ripped off but only realising after the event.

Manny was busy again, well we told him what we doing today and he took it onboard. We were off to the bird park and butterfly house. We asked hotel staff for a taxi and while we waited, a taxi driver across the road called to us. No, we will take the taxi organised by the hotel, thank you.

On the outside of cabs are signs warning you to ensure the taxi meter is turned on and do not negotiate a fare. Our shiny new blue SUV taxi arrived and the driver told me he only got the brand new car yesterday and I was the first passenger to sit in the front seat. He turned the meter on and took us to the KL Bird Park. The fare was MR22, about $7.

From the bird park we walked to the butterfly house. I had hoped to see the miniature deer but R was not keen. The deer park was near by. We caught one of the old and predominate taxi cabs back to the hotel. When we told him where we wanted to go, instead of telling him to use the meter, we agreed to the price of MR20, cheaper than what we had paid to get to the park.

It seemed a quicker trip, perhaps because the one way roads worked better and this drive took a couple of short cuts down side streets. In spite of signs all over taxis that you must insist on the driver using the meter, I thought we had done well with the agreed price. But no, we discovered later that the new blue taxis have a higher flagfall and a higher travelling rate, so the basic taxi would have cost a good bit less had we made the driver use the meter.

These birds were very plentiful in the park.

Through a water curtain.

He/she was not afraid of humans.

Are these Australian emus? The girl had no fear of them.

I think we are in Australia, a cassowary.

The crest was unbelievably fine.


A scarlet bird from a distance. I thought I would come across it to get a closer photo but I didn't.

An almost invisible squirrel I think.

Pink flamingo.

Some refreshment, only spoiled by Middle Eastern tourist who leave the rubbish everywhere and just throw things on the ground.

It was wise for this woman to have her photo taken by a polaroid when she first arrived. We saw her as we were leaving and she looked as hot and bothered as we felt.

Another photo shoot. The Aussie sulphur crested cockatoos squawked and squawked. One of the staff feigned punches at one, which did not look good, and the little boy cried in terror.

Very regal.


 Could be a lori, not lorikeet. We left the bird park and on foot started along what I thought was the correct way to the butterfly house but I wasn't confident. We backed tracked and checked at the info counter. Yes, just walk on, so we did. Around a couple of corners and we arrived at the butterfly house.

This one rather liked R's hair product.

Not just butterflies, but some serious creepy crawlies. Doesn't it look like a man's face?

Yes, it is  tarantula.

We rested for a bit back at our hotel and then set off for a short walk to the Pavillion shopping mall. The KL shopping malls are huge with monster car parks underneath them. We wanted coffee and went to a chain place called Old Town. We were given menus and then ignored while staff chatted among themselves. We left and had much better coffee at U Cafe near the monorail station.

A magazine had been delivered to our hotel. What a pity the back cover is the front cover and the pages read all wrong. Ah, for people who read differently to us.

 The Pavillion.

We had underestimated how many shirts we would need while we were away, well we took all our short sleeved shirts, so we bought a couple each  in Parkson department store.  I had a haircut. I gave the lass money and she sorted out change and put some money in a vending machine to pay for my haircut. She did a great job.

 There are so many fountains in KL.

 In U Cafe. Fans are always plentiful in outdoor areas.

 Just because the poster boi is cute.

Manny arrived at 8.30 and took us to have pumpkin steamboat. He is a regular customer at this place near his office, so we had three staff hovering and helping. But once again we were in the heat outdoors. No, they aren't toothpicks, but guess.......noodles. Correction. They are mushroom on the plate, not noodles.


  1. My favourite Malaysian post so far...probably because of the animals. Btw...the 'toucan' is, in fact, a hornbill ;-)

  2. Great pictures A, I love the waterfall ones. I've now put visit a butterfly park on my list of places to go when I retire.

  3. I remember really enjoying KL when we went there way way back in 1998. Good food, heaps of stuff to see and do but oh, so hot!

  4. You are quite right AdRad. We did see toucans there too. Hornbills were interesting. There were several different kinds.

    River, been a while since I have been but Melbourne Zoo has a butterfly house and it is good.

    Kath, memories can be defective but I don't recall being so hot in Bangkok or Singapore. Vietnam was very hot at times.

  5. Looks fun!
    Do you like KL better than Singapore?

  6. Anonymous12:17 am

    I'm guessin they are straw mushrooms.

    Yes KL is very hot - I always sat under the mist fans.

  7. I'm guessing you're joking about the Lori. But I'm not exactly positive.

  8. Immigayrant, I think I did. Singapore was a bit straight laced and people followed rules. There are rules in KL, but no one seems to bother about them.

    Anon, I dunno. They were put into the pot. We only experienced mist fans once in Penang. I had forgotten about them so thanks for the reminder.

    Not joking Dina. Australia has lorikeets and Singapore and perhaps KL have loris. They are similar but not the same.

  9. If I'm looking at the right picture (and maybe I'm not) that's a Scarlett Macaw.

    They're from South America.

    Or were you referring to the maybe Rosellas?

  10. I think you are Dina. It is just a reddish blob in the photo. I saw its name on a board but I forget now. It wasn't a macaw though.