Monday, July 09, 2012

Malaysia Day 3

There are a number of building in KL where the construction has been abandoned. This is only a small one near our hotel. We passed some very large ones in our travels, one of which was supposed to finished before Malaysia's Commonwealth Games in 1998 and is a half finished high rise shell.

 Here we go on the monorail again to Sentral Station.

Our destination, a suburban train terminus. We arrived at the station to catch the 12.12 train but it was cancelled. On time every time is the transport slogan often to be seen at stations, well if the train comes at all that is. The next was 12.28. The centre carriage was marked Women Only, although we had seen another with the same but it had men in it too. We boarded and immediately went to where there were lots of seats. Ah, this is the women's carriage. Back to the more crowded two sex carriage. There were a few tourists obviously heading for the same destination and some of the women eased the crowd by moving to the Ladies carriage.

The trains seemed to be brand spanking new and unlike Japan where the air con is set at a very warm level, in KL the trains were deliciously cool.
A typical high rise building in KL.

We noted this marvellously sensible signage in Japan too. The name of the station, the platform number and the next stations in either direction. It is puzzling why we don't have such signs in Australia, that I know of. We had several pauses during out train trip to Batu Caves and also when coming back, no doubt waiting for other trains. We arrived at Batu Caves late, and were even later when going back to KL Sentral.

Batu Caves is about 7km from the centre of town. The outcrop is limestone and it is a revered place for Hindus. There is an annual festival that attracts many Indians. We noticed huge gates at the station that could be opened for large crowds alighting from trains.

This statue in gold was quite impressive and is quite new. Note the stairs. A whole 272 of them.

We had been warned about the monkeys. Do not feed them and watch out for your personal possessions. In a state of paranoia, I imagined this monkey was rocking hard back and forth on the the lamp post and making a terrible din to distract us while its accomplices would steal our wallets, phones, glasses and sunglasses. I kept checking over my shoulder and I gave them the evil eye and they kept away from us. I was not wanting a bit by a monkey that could have rabies.

We made it to the top. Some quite old people did better than we did.

Oh no, more stairs.

There were quite a lot of non natural things up at the top, but the open cave was just stunning. We declined a one hour tour of another cave off to the right on our way down. I hadn't eaten much and really needed food and a drink.

Back down the stairs, there was a fine and very cheap Indian vegetarian restaurant. As were entered, rain started to fall. It became very heavy while we ate, but had almost gone by the time we finished.

Batu Caves Station looks very new but it has been finished for some time. A Myki like, or for my world wide audience, a London Oyster card system is being introduced. Much of the equipment has been installed but remains covered up. We had the slowest train trip back to KL Sentral. KL only has a few train lines but it seems they really foul each other up.

Back at our hotel we rested and refreshed ourselves and then set out to dine. Please R, can we have some western food tonight while we have the chance? We found quite a good place where we sat outdoors on a terrace and watched the mostly tourist world go by. I had lamb chop (sic) and R had fish and chips. The lamb was an appalling cut, with lots of bone and little meat but it was saved by how well it had been cooked. Sheep don't grow well in Malaysia and of course pork is not on the menu.

One of Manny's friends is Italian born and has a Moslem Malay boyfriend. Sometimes the boyfriend goes away and Manny's friend rings him and says, lets go out and eat pork.

We wandered through a tourist night market area and men kept coming up to us to show pretty girls on their mobile phone screens. At least in Bangkok some are perceptive enough to show us pretty boi photos.

We headed into the cool of a shopping mall and bought Little Jo some Chinese style satin pyjamas for her birthday in a couple of day's time. I tried to get a haircut the day before we left for Malaysia but the wait was too long. I noted a couple of hair cutting places in the mall. Look down below V. You will feel right at home and I bet it will be cheaper.

Tomorrow Manny had told us to be ready early for our trip to Malacca so we had an earlyish night. 


  1. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Ah Daiso...(heart flutters)

    Those caves look amazing and come complete with monkeys! I'm in heaven...I noticed they have long tails. Have they learned to swipe things out of pockets with them???V.

  2. I quite like stairs. I can't zip up and down them like I used to, but if I'm not in a hurry, I'll choose stairs over elevators. I'm not sure how I'd go climbing 272 of them though, probably take a rest stop or two and get out the camera.

  3. Oooo, the caves look fabulous!
    Feeling the burn of those 272 steps, yet, dearie?

  4. My legs hurt just thinking about those steps!

  5. V, they are macaque monkeys. I don't think it is their tails to fear. I would have liked to just sit and watch them but they are so mobile.

    River, exactly what we did. Quite a few rests actually. We are unused to stairs and hills.

    Jayne, no. We took it very slowly. We had planned to a guided cave tour, but the heat and humidity get to you.

  6. Fen, my legs were a bit jelly like afterwards.

  7. I'd be excited to see monkeys, but also nervous.

    Have there been attacks?

    I agree that there should be good signage with public transportation.

  8. Dearest Dina, I have looked a couple of You Tube vids of monkeys there attacking tourists and they don't really unless you are silly and are carrying exposed bananas. You can put nuts on your palm and they will gently take them. I believe by what they have learnt, they do have an interest in glasses. Older tourists pull the glasses in and out of their pockets and that interests monkeys.

  9. I've never seen or been into a Daiso...?

    The vegetarian food you had (out of monkeys' range) looks rather good!

  10. Anonymous3:16 am

    Those stairs are exhausting to climb in the heat and humidity. I was nearly attacked by a female monkey as i think I got to close to her baby whilst taking pictures. They can be very vicious.

    Ah the food in Malaysia is quiet nice. Did you guys eat in the open street night restaurants in KL?

  11. Kath, Daiso is a bit like like our $2 shops. The food was good.

    Anon, yes, the stairs were exhausting. I'm glad we I did not know what you have said about the monkeys before we went there. Yes, often we dined open street night restaurants. Too often really.