Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hotels in Malaysia

We can highly recommend the Dorset Regency Hotel in KL. It was good value for money and in a good area.

I can't recommend the Northam All Suite Hotel in Penang. More on that later.
The light switches were huge and some were press once for on and again for off and others clicked up and down, like a normal switch.
But the lights could also be controlled from the bedroom bedside table, along with other things.

American style toilets are so different to Australian models. I put some paper in it to demonstrate. While they are efficient at cleaning away, they seem to use a  lot of water.


  1. I knew it. I knew it.

    Give it a few days and Andrew would turn to toilet humour!


  2. Speaking of toilet humour.

    Is that your belt at the bottom of the video or were you just happy to be filming?

  3. Dangling camera cord?

    Seems wasteful of water and rather slow to me...?

  4. we'd all die of thirst if we used that much - that's incredible...thanks Andrew I learn something new every day!

  5. where did you get that cartoon from that is something

  6. I've heard that about American toilets, the amount of water they use. It's so very wasteful! Brings to mind shower scenes in movies where they turn on the water and then go off and get their towels/bathrobe/clean undies/whatever. All that water completely wasted!
    I'm curious now about that other hotel you mentioned.

  7. Quite Victor, as a dog returns to its vomit.

    A belt Victor? One can't release one's stays in the privacy of one's room without a comment from the gallery.

    Nah Kath. Victor was right. I didn't realise until after I put it up. It is slow and does not always work so well as it did in the vid. At times it does not clear matter and sometimes regurgitates.

    MC, I wonder what such a lav really does use water wise. No cartoon. All my own work.

    River, I am in a good mood. I have googled it. Seven gallons. But that is American gallons. 26.5 litres. Ours use about six for a full flush, but normally pressed twice, so 12 litres. The stats might be dated though. Wait for the post on Penang Northam Fawlty Towers.

  8. I don't think I've seen a toilet here that slow.

    The toilet in your video was almost like a performance.

  9. Well Dina, I expect you have the typical American toilet at your home. You Tube? Photos? Do show us.

  10. You press twice?? Tsk Tsk, more waste.
    My toilet sometimes regurgitates too, especially if someone upstairs is cleaning theirs or using a plunger to clear some blockage they've caused.

  11. It is waste River. Someone needed to think a bit more carefully about toilet design when they reduced the amount per flush.