Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mon Oncle

Owing to the popularity of my last Jacques Tati clip from Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, here a couple of clips from Mon Oncle that are supposed to illustrate the absurdity of modern life, in the 1950s.

Jacques Tati plays M. Hulot and M. Hulot occasionally visits his sister in her modern house, Villa Arpel. He is very out of place. The first clip is where M Hulot lives and the second where his sister lives. Oh, ok, I will be away for a bit, so I will add another, where M Hulot struggles with his sister's modern kitchen. Have your sound on but don't trouble if the sound is out of sync. Sound was important in Mon Oncle. Understanding what was said never was.

Click here to see the Paris Centquatre art centre recreation of Villa Arpel.


  1. He's definitely a fish out of water the poor old fella and doesn't have a clue in the kitchen which gets my vote :-).

  2. I love them, the clips are fantastic!

  3. Well done old boy, yours among the most interesting of blogs.

    Charlie Chaplin did a similar thing in Modern Times, back in the 1920s I think.

  4. Yes Windsmoke, not a clue. Btw, I recited a version of one of your Mary had a Little Lamb to my niece today, the sooty feet one. She liked it.

    Wonderful timing Victor.

    RH, I can only just recall seeing Chaplin.

  5. An excellent Saturday night treat, thank's Andrew.
    I'm sure the theme of modern 'conveniences' has been explored many times, e.g. later by 'Frank Spencer', but the setting here is perfect and visually rich.

  6. You're right about the sound, you know. We think of Tat's films as almost silent cinema. But when there's no noise, every little sound intrudes and attracts attention.

    And Tati's buildings. Full of people walking in one direction to arrive in another.

    Here's a film that shows a bit more of the re-creation of the Villa Arpel.

  7. With the smell of steak grilling in my nose I shall return to watch these vids ;)

  8. FC, I'm afraid Frank's tv shows and movie(s) don't hold up well.

    THH, Tati was quite brilliant. That Villa Arpel seems to be a different one to the one I linked to. Thanks.

    Jayne, snap. We had barbecue steak too tonight.

  9. I loved that movie in the 50's and 60's. Sa it many times.