Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet Jack

No, there is not something I haven't told you.

Jack is staying with us for a few days while his Mum, our friend, deals with her matters. Jack is such a well behaved dog, much better than any of ours ever were. He only needs to go outside for natural purposes twice a day.

As R is not working and I am, Jack has bonded well with R and they go for long walks. While Jack is content to sit and watch, he loves a rough game too.

Jack had a previous owner who could not longer keep him as she was suffering from a severe long term illness, so our friend took over Jack. We were there at the tearful handover some years ago and once the old owner left, our friend said that she did not like his name. R said, call him Jack, and Jack he became.

Before anyone asks his breed, I only know the Latinish/Euro name, Canine Alba de Fluffy.


  1. I bet my bottom dollar you took this photo last saturday night how do i know you ask because in the back ground your t.v. is showing last saturday nights episode of Hustle with the gorgeous Kelly Adams, unless you recorded it :-).

  2. Every family (if there is space) needs a dog. There will be more tears when he goes back, I suspect.

  3. He's gorgeous and probably deserves to have such a nice sheepskin to sit on.

    It's always sad to hear of people having to pass on their dogs, but this is made easier when the owners know they are going to a good home.
    I bet R is going to miss him when he goes home again.

  4. and now you and R must get your own Jack.

  5. Anonymous11:32 am

    Yes R needs a little Jack of his own to keep him company in his retirement.

  6. We reckon so Peter. He not a 'soft' dog though.

    Windsmoke, is that her name? Didn't she do Kylie very well. But it was recorded, so I think we watched it Monday night.

    Hels, no tears. It is rather like having a house guest. I agree, all families, especially with kids, should have a dog.

    FC, he really did do well with his newish owner. R will miss him. He sleeps on R's bed and has been a great motivator to get out and walk.

    Rubye, we shall see what happens with his work situation, but it is our intention at some point.

    Anon, I am sure if R was actually retired, he would get one quite quickly.

  7. The most effective advertising slogan of all time is 'You meet the nicest people on a Honda,' and I've owned one, but for me it happens when you're walking a dog.

  8. Awww, what a lovely expressive face he has, I bet R will be looking about for a Jack in the near future ;)

  9. RH, quite so. Cuter they are, the more people want to chat.

    Jayne, no doubt. I've always liked schnauzers.

  10. aaw what a cute face & he's got a rather fancy bed to sleep on :)

  11. Hello Andrew:
    We should certainly give Jack a home. He looks absolutely lovely and we are sure that he must be enjoying his break with you just as much as you and R are happy to have him.

  12. The breed is irrelevant, Jack is so cute!

  13. Awww, look at his smile - he loves sleeping over at Uncy A and R's house!

    Love how he matches his rug!

  14. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Jack looks very settled in the Highrise; he might want to stay! He's a cute little thing. V.

  15. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Hey Andrew, first time visitor and great to meet you. Jack looks look a good dog. Where would we be without our best friends?

  16. A rare breed indeed haha! I can't help wondering what Jack's previous name was and how long it took Jack to get used to his new one.

  17. Fen, two official beds and two unofficial beds, the lounge and R's bed.

    JayLa, I think he has more company than he normally gets.

    River, spirited too.

    Kath, it is made from the hair of several of his breeds, so he should match it :-P

    V, I have yet to ask R's real opinion about having him stay.

    Welcome Stephen. Indeed, where would be be.

    Grace, I cannot recall, and R is not here to ask, even he can remember. I am curious now too. Let's just say the name matched a white fluffy ornamental dog, not an adventurous and fun dog with an owner who wears sensible shoes.