Monday, June 18, 2012

Gamble Responsibly

I never found Let's Beat Bowel Cancer particularly nice in the Kings Domain flower bed, especially not when HRH was visiting. I mean like, well, does she have one? Surely not.

I found Gamble Responsibly even less tasteful. Messages are best being along the lines of Lest We Forget, City of Melbourne or perhaps Love Your Parks. Thankfully the bed has been cleared now, and I await the next hopefully much more tasteful slogan.


  1. Until Phil went to hospital recently I didn't realise a Royal might have a bladder. How do they do it?

    How do we describe this message thingy in tourist brochures?

    Perhaps it's time for some urban guerilla lobby group to make a midnight switch, and change the message to something more interesting like, y'know, FREE ZARB.

  2. If they didn't the state the obvious it wouldn't be so bad. They're rather like "Baby in Car".

  3. "Gamble Responsibly" is a very silly bit of non-advertising. For people who don't gamble or for those who play poker etc only in their lounge room with friends, the sign is unnecessary. For people who lose the family grocery money on nasty slot machines or on horses, the sign is useless.

    It is like "Beat Your Children With Mercy".

  4. FC, yes, what happened to the days of student activism? They could sprayed with weedkiller, Shut Down Crown.

    Rubye, our say Baby on Board. One I have seen says Poodle on Board, on a Rolls Royce no less. Sad.

    Quite so Hels. I do love your phrase Beat your Children with Mercy. If they were to be beaten, better to do it kindly.

  5. Oh Andrew, I laughed like a hyena at them both.

    What's the third going to be - 'Check your breasts every month'?

  6. I thnk they should put nicer things like "smiles are free, use one every day", "don't worry be happy", "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday".

  7. I propose "Anarchy makes good Govt".

  8. Kath, it is apparently perfectly ok to mention bowels, but I very much doubt breasts will get a gig, but how fabulous would that be.

    River, you are hired. A small stipend for a twice a year slogan. As grumpy as we found London's Underground staff, many have them write such slogans daily on the customer update boards.

    Jayne, that might have to be a weedkiller slogan.

  9. You never fail to make me laugh Andrew, it's late I should not be laughing hahaha!

  10. Grace, a country divided only by time zones, and it becomes very apparent when I note the time of your comments.


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