Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blog Mate Catch Up

It was with some excitement and tinsy bit of apprehension that we were to meet two of my blog mates. We have met them before more than once and shared a chardy, but there is always the thought that you don't know them via the old ways of meeting through work, a common friend or a party and then forming a relationship.

Our western blog mate was looking after a very old friend's place of hers while he and his partner were sunning themselves overseas. The eastern blog mate saw an opportunity for a stay in Melbourne and indulge in some kultcha as a given. From galleries, arty places and dyke bands in a pub, they planned to cram a lot in.

After a little miscommunication, mostly on my part, we did meet up where my blog mates were staying. Think of river bank warehouse conversion. Think of a couple of storeys. Think of a gazillion books. Think of stuffed animals. Think of fantastic art work on walls. Think of beautiful things, of wonderful objet d'art. Think of masculine. Think of multiple lighting options, mostly subdued. Think of being able to see your two cars in different garages through glass walls. Think of a walk in wardrobe the size of half a house. Think of two self contained areas on different levels. Think of seriously valuable old trinkets. Think of the view out of every window of a brick wall. Think of 'you can only have all this shit if you can afford a cleaner'.

I am not sure it would be a place for Flat Pack Highriser to live, but it was very impressive. 

After a glass or two of wine, some good conversation and the realisation that the bus that passes our place also passes near the warehouse conversion, we were rather wishing the blog mates and us didn't have separate commitments for the evening. Hmm... perhaps it was just as well we did.

The lass from the east presented her friend a hand sewn pair of gorgeous Pearly Queen gloves. Did you see Our Kylie in the Jubilee concert in her Pearly Queen hotpants?

The far western friend gave my English born partner this fabulous badge. Both lasses are just lovely.


  1. Glass garages? Now that is different.

  2. Are you talking about Miz Panz and Miz Brownie? Those two big heifers make the ground shake, if I knew they were in town I wouldn't go out. Terrifying.

  3. I agree that there is something a bit weird about meeting blog mates face to face. After all, blogging was meant to be a text-based exchange of ideas.

    In 1993 I met my irc mates for the first time, face to face. Some were wonderful and some were awful, but I wouldn't have missed those friendship for anything.

  4. I've heard that those two are delightful bodies, hope to meet up with them someday.
    The warehouse conversion sounds fantastic - fantastically expensive but great nonetheless!

  5. Sounds a fabulous apartment, where are the pictures?

  6. What Victor said :-).

  7. I'd handled living in the 'warehouse conversion' if someone forced me to but I'd also happily settle for the cute corgi badge too.

  8. Hello Andrew:
    The warehouse apartment does sound rather splendid. We are always pleased when old redundant buildings, as has happened a great deal along the Thames in London, are put to new use whilst retaining, more or less, the original structure.

  9. Victor, it is.

    No RH, just two anon people.

    Hels, for me it mostly is, but there are exceptions. Irc, now that brings back memories.

    The actual shell didn't cost to much Jayne, but the interior must have.

    Diane, I would have loved to take some photos, but the owners weren't there to ask.

    Windsmoke, it is ok if the car is clean.

    Kath, such places might be impressive, but they are hard to heat.

    JayLa, I am always pleased to see old building adapted and used. There needs to be more of it here.

  10. Andrew you are gorgeous. and
    I loved your post about the rotated but non-rotating bowls.

    It was great to see you and thanks for the reversing guidance that got The Beast into one of those glass-walled garages.
    I have been stalking Forges and Franco Cozzo hoping for a glimpse of RH, and asking likely looking people if they were he. I live in hope.
    Now I have left Footisgray and am in their Flinders beach house surrounded by more lovely things, as well as a big garden and sea air - better sea air than Webb Dock where I was saving the poor starfish by returning them to the Maribyrnong as fast as the fishermen were chucking the poor things over their shoulders. Heifer 2 was convulsed.

  11. Charmed, I am sure Ann. I fear three people simultaneously giving car parking advice could be confusing, but you dun well.

    You did leave out that they also had a beach house.

    I don't think star fish have much feeling and were they not Pacific Star Fish, a pest that is killing our native star fish? Eleven legs, good. Five legs, bad.

  12. Sounds like a fab time was had by all Andrew, the apartment sounds spectacular I like the sound of the 'old dtrinkets' haha! Yes I did see 'our' Kyle on the Queens concert, in my opinion she was the best in the show by miles, she is just so damn gorgeous and still has the best butt in the business oui!

  13. Grace, I can tolerate indifference to Kylie, but I cannot understand how some dislike her.

  14. I used to dismiss her and her sister as not deserving of the wealth, because neither can actually 'sing', and for too many boyfriends, but they are both admirable for persistence and diligence and her bravery in the 1999 very large boxed*** photo book 'Kylie'. It starts with ugly photos, the a very close up double page of The Arse, and lots of nudes.
    The final pages are her heartfelt discourse on fame. bless her.

    ***one of many large and boxed books here, ha ha.

  15. Too many boyfriends Ann? How can one have too many? Hers have usually been pretty attractive too.