Saturday, May 19, 2012

Was I drunk?

No, not me. I am a person of sober habits. This piece of music was played on our ABC's Science Show. It is quite a catchy tune and I had not heard it before, although R says he has. The recording I heard was by Peggy Hill and I could not find it online as some selfish person has not uploaded it, I guess. My search was further stymied by there being some pop culture figure of the same name.

This recording is by Lil Johnston and has the clearest vocals of what I found to choose from. It is rather risqué, which of course is what caught my attention.

Was I drunk
Was he handsome
And did my ma give me hell.

Did I get a thrill
And am I still acquiver.


  1. Great song , Andrew and soon to become an ear worm. I can't get it out of my head either,since I first heard it during the week on RN.

  2. On King of the Hill, his wife's name is Peggy. Ah well, that's too bad.
    This is a cool song.

  3. Sadly they don't make 'em like that anymore :-).

  4. Anonymous11:38 am

    Great song! V.

  5. Definitely American.

    I don't drink anymore, I shoot my mouth off enough* when I'm sober.

    *Too much.

  6. I won't watch the video, it will take too long to load, but the lyrics you printed sound intriguing enough.

  7. Elisabeth, ear worm it is. It has gone around in my head for a whole week.

    Rubye, I don't know if we get that show here. But then I know little about The Simpsons. I think the singer was black. Amazing how white people loved to hear the sing, yet they weren't allowed rights. Bit like a zoo really. Of course Australia is guilty of that too.

    Windsmoke, are you saying you actually like to hear the words being sung? Heresy.

    Catchy tune too V.

    Very wise RH. I should do the same.

    The very equine mounted FC, glad you liked it.

    River, I just wrote a note to myself to look up why your broadband is crap and why you won't get fibre optic.

  8. What was the connection to science?

  9. Victor, I did not listen closely, but it was about a new drug to help alcoholics. The point was made that teenage drinking is nothing new, as was pointed out by the song.

  10. My attempt at providing a recognisable but relatively anonymous photo has worked. Even the mount is a tad hard to identify - small matter.
    Not equus caballus, as I had a nasty accident in 1962 when I fell from one. The shop floor was very hard.
    The featured critter is camelus dromedarius, an infinitely safer and reassuring mode of transport.

  11. Ah yes. If I click it to embiggen it, I can see it is indeed a camel no less.

  12. What video..?? I don't see a link to a video and I feel like I'm missing out on something that might get me all a'quiver haha!

  13. It is rather static Grace. You are supposed to focus on the sound.

  14. Was I? is on the ABC Classics CD Bakelite Express. I assume that's the one the Science Show used. I just bought one on Ebay for $12

  15. Great Mark. I have heard of the cd, a vague recollection of when it was released. It is better than the one I put up hey.