Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Slippered or Scuppered

Just across a couple of old bits of text I saved for a rainy day.  I don't know why I saved them. Maybe I thought there there would be reason to revisit them one day. Absolutely irrelevant to present day politics. All history now.

But boo especially ****. Without going into too many details for fear of being arrested for sedition or defamation - but does anybody else think he of all people should keep very, very, very quiet on this particular issue? 

The dirt controversy took on a different hue on Sunday when veteran journalist Laurie Oakes revealed the Liberals were behind a document being circulated about an unnamed Howard government minister.
The minister, who is married with children, has reportedly been seen at gay bathhouses in Sydney and has been sexually harassing other men, according to extracts from the dirt sheet published in News Ltd papers.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    How we deplore this kind of thing which so often appears in the tabloid press. Although this is past history, as you say, we are always left wondering why anyone goes into public life to have everything which they may or may not do scrutinised by the press.

  2. I've just been catching up and enjoying muchly the last few posts that I've missed Andrew, you certainly have been busy researching and getting a lot off your chest!! In 'Go home Yank' the line 'ok I'll go for a summary' made me laugh and I'm so remembering 'go the biff' for future use!! Unless you have absolutely NO skeletons in any of your cupboards (how boring) you should never ever enter politics because without a doubt the scandalmonging press WILL dig no matter who gets hurt or how ruthless they have to be until they find it! As you can guess I hold most journalists in very low regard! oh and btw the second picture in my blog yesterday was especially for you, glad you enjoyed!

  3. JayLa, generally our press is pretty good about leaving politicians' sex life alone, but at a hint of double standards and they can go feral. The post is quite cryptic and really requires some local knowledge.

    Grace, just glad the knives remained in their sheaths after the American post. It is the softest possible discrimination, but I do tire of phrases like, 'well the girls will like him'. Some change is happening, with more inclusive language. Thanks to you for being inclusive.

  4. Christine, ha is good.