Friday, May 04, 2012


This is London's latest version of the Routemaster bus, or if you like Boris Bus, so named because Mayor Boris Johnson got rid of the articulated bendy buses and ordered development of a new Routemaster. They have a rear platform used only when a conductor is on board, otherwise the rear platform is closed. It is suggested the EU will take a dim view of this possibly unsafe method of boarding or alighting from the bus, so there may not be much of an export market for the Boris Bus. It certainly looks very sleek.

Mayoral candidate, again, 'Red' Ken Livingstone, says he will cancel the Boris Bus order if he is elected in the election that has just ended, I think.

While normally a would vote for a left candidate, such a Livingstone, he has some weird ideas and I am not keen on many of his policies. So I will cast my virtual vote for the Tory Boris. (Hmm, I wonder if there were other more appealing candidates?)


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We have yet to see the new bus for ourselves but loved the old Routemasters.

    During his years as Mayor of London Ken Livingstone did a huge amount to improve public transport throughout the City.

  2. JayLa, a bit of a mix I think. Prices increased rather a lot Livngstone and without verifying, it is disturbing to hear he wants to turn London into a Muslim city. As I said, without verifying.

  3. The new bus looks like it has lots of standing room but it's too bad you can't board at the back without a conductor on board.

  4. Rubye, I understand it will be in use during the day. But wait for the howls when the first person falls off.

  5. Almost all Sydney buses were double deckers with an open back platform when I was young.

    I don't know that having a conductor on board made them any safer especially when the conductor was upstairs issuing tickets.

  6. Victor, didn't the conductor ring a bell to inform the driver that everyone was safely off and on? I should ask R as he had a go at it many years ago.

  7. Andrew, yes the conductor did ring a bell to signal it was all clear to depart a stop but that didn't prevent people jumping on and off at points other than stops when a bus might be moving.


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