Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Parkville Stroll

When I went to see the house Wardlow, used in the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries on our ABC, I walked a few of the streets and admired the buildings. (By the way, for those who asked, I could not find any photos of the interior of Wardlow, except some very old black and white. It was as you would expect.) Most houses were either well kept, under renovation or had been renovated, usually to a high standard. Here are a few of the ones I thought enough of to take their photo.

The wide and divided Park Drive.

These may be called a row of houses, but in Melbourne they get the rather loose title of terrace.

Here is one for David.

Still in Park Drive, this one is possibly my favourite.

Around the corner in Morrah Street, I think. In this style of house, access to the upper balcony is usually via the windows, that is you raise the lower one, duck and step out. It is a little alarming to see a chair on the upper balcony of one of these.

How odd. In Post Office Lane was a car upholstery business. Very unusual for there to be a business among the houses in Parkville.
It is undergoing serious renovation by the look of it from the front.

It is truly a wonderful little pocket of Melbourne and you have to be very rich to live there, which I am sure is nothing to do with the proximity of Royal Melbourne Hospital, seen here in the distance, where medical specialists can earn a motza. No, we don't even have electrical wires on display here in good Parkville. Well in some parts as I just noticed wires in an earlier photo.


  1. Anonymous10:27 am

    Many moons ago, my yoga teacher lived in a rental flat on Royal Pde. It was gorgeous. If I had the money (highly unlikely!), I'd live in Parkville. V.

  2. I really really want the corner one. That all round balcony is a gem and I could follow the sun all day.

  3. I spent my childhood in Carlton and my university years at Melbourne Uni. This was, and is, my absolutely favourite part of Australia.

  4. Anonymous1:31 pm

    But where is The Block 2012 being filmed? No where near here I bet.

    Love the old houses of Melbourne.

  5. These places are really lovely to look at -no doubt freezing in winter but we seem to have forgotten to add "charm" to most modern homes

  6. LOVE Parkville - so close to grungy old Flemington, and home of Sapphire's tennis club. I always dreamed about living there.

    Parkville I mean; not the tennis club!

  7. V, so it had period features. I am not so familiar with Royal Parade. I often go past that nice apartment you looked after in Hawthorn. It looks fantastic now.

    Jah Teh, one side facing east and one side facing north. You would certainly improve your bikini tan lines.

    Hels, you made me think of my favourite part of Australia. I haven't come up with a result yet.

    Anon, Bondi Beach. Back to Sydney it is.

    MC, not only freezing in winter, but also very dark and gloomy inside. I hope your new place is filled with light.

    Really Kath? They are beautiful houses for sure, but it is a little dull. I don't think I saw a single piece of graffiti.

  8. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the place in Hawthorn - that was nice! Oh to have money...

    I also once looked after a lovely old flat in St Kilda. It was huge. But I think that was before we met. Hard to believe there ever was such a time, hey? V.

  9. Yeah V, we watched each of us grow old and fat. :-P

  10. There are some gorgeous places in Parkville, I've wandered about there a couple of times when I lived up the road. Alas I am too poor to live there myself.

  11. I think we are all too poor to live there Fen.

  12. As a Uni stewnt I stayed for a while during the long uni vacation (when Trinity College in Royal Parade was closed down to accommodate business conferences etc) in a terrace in Park Drive. #34 comes to mind, but it was a couple of centuries ago so my memory may not be accurate. There were quite a few terraces in Park Drive back then in the 60's which were rented out room by room as student digs.

  13. It was in this area (Morrah and Gatehouse Sts) that the body of Lionel Pugh was found.

    See interesting article here. Back in the days of Bert Wainer and heavy duty police corruption.

  14. I'll take a look online for you, shall I LS. There it is, quite nice and on the corner of a lane.

    The piece is a longish read. I will do it later

  15. Lord Sedgwick

    I was happily living in Perth and didn't want to return to the Eastern States. My husband asked what it would take to get me to move, so I said if Dr Wainer makes me his senior psychologist, I'll move.

    He did :)

    I worked with Wainer for years and years, loving every minute of it. In all those years, however, I never understood a word the Scotsman said to me.

  16. @JahTeh; keep an eye on that corner one. When it goes up for sale I'll go halves with you. Lawn chairs or comfy armchairs on the upper balcony?

    Adelaide has a few sections of row houses still, with the ones within the city being converted to shops below and living quarters above, or shops below and another business above. There are some in the suburbs, but they're a bit out of my way for photographing.

  17. @ Hels. I had my *snip* done at Wainer's clinic.

  18. East Melbourne as I recollect. Mind you I was catatonic at the time. Not so much by the surgery, more by coming to terms with, after the procedure, leaving his surgery wearing a jockstrap with 2 Modess pads along each side of my vastly less deferens.

    Leaving decked out with Modess pads was a tad ironic given the counselling I had before the procedure was to assure me my masculinity was not under threat. I wondered how soon I PMS would kick in. :0)

  19. How cool Hels. His wife is still alive I think. I did not even know he was Scottish born.

    River, I did see some rows in the city. There are some great buildings in Adelaide.

    LS, I am so disappointed to hear you are no longer fertile. Lol at vastly less deferens.

  20. My twentysomething fertility was responsible for a wonderful daughter. Figured I ought to quit while I was ahead.

    @Hels - I had the snip in the late 70s. Would be a bizarre coincidence were you there at the time.

  21. No son then LS? A male Sedgwick pops up on FB, suggesting I should be friends with them. I made a wrong assumption then.