Monday, May 14, 2012


Myself, R, Mother, Tradie Brother, ABI Brother, Sister, Bone Doctor, Little Jo, Chainsaw Niece and her beau celebrated Mother's Day at our place.

The rain came and went, the wind howled and gusted and yet occasionally the sun peeked out. Rain interrupted  tennis play on a sodden court.

Over one hundred dollars worth of food was consumed and I will be right for lunch for a few days with left overs. The living area was destroyed ten minutes of everyone's arrival and became worse as the afternoon wore on, but put back together in ten minutes. Best of all though, we laughed.

Even Little Jo stirred from her favourite position, in R's bed watching ABC for Kids, to come and see the rainbow.


  1. How fantastic that rainbow is! It sounds like you all had a great time and there's nothing like left-overs for lunch.

  2. "Best of all though, we laughed."

  3. Leftovers, laughter and a rainbow. Yep - Perfect.

  4. Rubye, it was the full arc and a double was faintly visible. My lunch is normally left overs.

    Yep Kath. Was it celebrated in a Geneva household?

    FC, I have to think about these things later to appreciated them.

  5. I'm glad you guys had a nice Mother's Day. I hope you enjoy the leftovers.

  6. Working my way through them Dina.

  7. nothing quite like leftovers, yum. HMD2URS

  8. We saw a rainbow on Mothers Day as well as we left Werribee Mansion mid afternoon - might have been the same one - it was beautiful
    Sounds like you had a great day - family can be messy but who needs order all the time?

  9. Probably the same one MC. I need order most of the time, and a mess at times to prove how much I like order.


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