Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long has she reigned on us

Melbourne is really getting into the spirit of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Victoria is really getting into the spirit of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Australia is really getting into the spirit of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Hmm, I haven't convinced you have I, and nor am I convinced, however I did check out the modest City Gallery exhibition called Royal Melbourne.
 City Gallery windows. The space is shared with a cheap event ticket vendor.

 If this portrait painted for the Queen's Golden Jubilee is accurate, she doesn't pluck her eyebrows.

 The old Princes Bridge with arches to welcome a visiting Royal.

 There was quite a lot of embroidery on the walls.

Interestingly, the exhibition was curated by Robyn Annear of A City Lost and Found fame.


  1. I don't pluck my eyebrows either. Great minds think alike?

  2. I haven't noticed much about the Jubilee in Sydney so far apart from television channels promoting their scheduled telecasts of events from London next week when I suspect all guns will be blazing from the local media.

    No doubt Professor Flint and his...ahem...friend Alan Jones will also surface to remind we Republicans how the successful celebrations repudiate our views.

    Didn't Dame Nellie Melba say 'give em muck'?

  3. No hoo hah here either, not surprisingly. They're still getting over the shock of not making the finals of Eurovision.

    On the other hand, we get all the free-to-air UK channels and, despite the volumes of comedians on panel shows deriding the event, they *are* very excited about HRMs big sixty. They won't admit it directly, but they are.

  4. Haven't heard much hoo hah here either and I'm not overly interested except I cringe when I realise that I'm old enough to remember her being crowned queen.

  5. Yep Rubye, you are right her there with Her Maj.

    HH, many have such sentiments, yet it will be a celebration of more than just HR's Diamond Jubilee, and god knows, the English do need cheering up.

    Victor, Dame Nellie was never wrong. Flint has already surfaced, complaining about the ABC's lack of coverage. I care a bit more about the real queen than a couple of old has been queens.

    Kath, speaking of Eurovision, I just heard earlier that Sweden is over the moon about the result, because Norway came last.

  6. Diane, R was telling me when he was a kid, the schools all bused them in to be spectators for a royal visit. He said, otherwise, no one would have taken much notice.

  7. The only image worth preserving is the image of old Princes Bridge with arches. The First Federal Parliament of Australia was officially opened by The Duke of York and wife in 1901. Apparently Melbourne went gaga with arches, banners and fairy lights.

  8. Hello Andrew:
    We can only echo the sentiments of The Honourable Husband above!!

  9. Hels, while I too am a republican, we must take care of our history. In times when people had little else in their miserable lives, they did have their monarch to love. I am not critical of them doing so.

    JayLa, I expect you would like the Sex Pistols to perform a rendition of one of their better known pieces to celebrate the jubilee.

  10. Liz looks too much like my mother in law - who scared me till the day she died poor old thing - took no prisoners and I rather think that by the set of the Queen's mouth she as well takes none...its frightening how alike they are.

  11. MC, while I respect the queen, I wouldn't want to know anyone who looked like her, or had her grumpy public manner