Monday, May 28, 2012

Just another Sunday

It should have been so simple. Sister would go to the footy, Bone Doctor to a family afternoon party with Little Jo, meet back here and leave Little Jo with us while they went off to a university reunion bash at Notting Hill. We would take Little Jo out with us to join friends for dinner in a pub, which would not take long and then home for Little Jo to curl up in bed with R and go to sleep.

Even when I arrived home from work, I thought this is how it would all proceed. The idea was for Sister to leave her car with the child seat for us to use, and she and Bone Doctor take R's car out.

Oh no, it was free drinks at the reunion and Sister had a better plan worked out, better for them.

We drive them to Notting Hill and then we keep the car to go for dinner and they get a cab home. Notting Hill? Where is that? Mount Waverley or somewhere like that. That is a Sunday drive distance for us. Well, we did it and it was only five past the meeting time when we met up with our friends at the pub. Or course what they will do is suss out who is coming back in this direction and cadge a lift. Haha, if they do actually have to pay for cab. (It turned out to be booked maxi taxis out of remaining reunion funds booked for the direction of St Kilda) In the dark and with intermittent rain and driving a strange car with manual gears, I did exceptionally well. I surprised myself as my familiarity with changing gears came back to me. I was even starting to remember what to do when decelerating before traffic lights.

Our friendly gay wait staff person was at the hotel, off duty and dining with his 'friend' and a mate on the table next to us.  He is a YRQ, as opposed to an ORQ. Understand? No, I didn't think so. The YRQ could not have been SR. That is impossible. The guy is certainly an unlikely RQ. The title RQ refers white guys or like Asian guys. Can you work out what SR is then?

A slightly too loud football match was being broadcast on the tv screen above us. Our off duty gay YRQ wait staff who was clearly out for a night of enjoyment leant over to Little Jo and asked which football team she liked. Doggies, replied Little Jo and then she added and Hawthorn, Sister's team, and Essendon, Bone Doctor's team. What about Collingwood?, he asked. Little Jo at her age of 4 and 3/4 had the perfectly rehearsed reply. 'Collingwood? Wash you mouth out.' I can guess it just a remark she has overheard, but it was so perfectly placed.

"Would you like another glass of wine Andrew?", someone asked. I had drunk two already. "Only if R drives home". So with much revving and clutch slipping of Sister's car, and my back seat advice about what gear the car should be in, R drove us home from the pub.

R and Little Jo snuggled into bed ready to watch a dvd, except the dual dvd vcr machine failed to proceed. Little Jo waited patiently as two old men pointed controls at things, pushed many buttons and uplugged and plugged in wires.

Fortunately the lounge room system has a connected dvd player. The remote no longer works and you just shine a torch onto the panel buttons and press away to get it going.  You don't have any advanced control features on the panel of the dvd player, but there are stop, play and eject buttons. What you say? I could buy a new one for $50? We never watch dvds. I should spend $50 just so Little Jo can have a working machine to watch a dvd? Preposterous.

By 10.30 I had the other dvd/vcr in pieces while I extracted a tape that would not eject. I only lost one screw, which I found later when I trod on it. Ouch. Is it not the worst thing to lose a screw and days later hear a metallic rattle up the vacuum cleaner tube. You ask yourself, is the screw essential? Do I need to cut open the cleaner bag and make a terrible mess? Most of the time the answer is no.

It was a late night and none of us woke until eight in the morning. It has taken a long time but Little Jo has finally worked out that Nanny's restaurant has another name, McDonalds. Little Jo wanted brunch at that place. Bone Doctor has refused to take her there and Sister only does because Mother likes it, hence Nanny's restaurant. Bone Doctor gave up and so we trooped across the road and had an ok breakfast. I didn't buy coffee and by the feedback from the three who did, I made a wise decision.

We then went for a decent walk in Fawkner Park and discovered a feature we did not know about. Photos in another post, as this is quite long enough. Little Jo had a play at the playground and we watched some lads playing cricket. The bowler, South Asian, was throwing the ball fearsomely hard.

As I have said to Mother, would you like another cup of tea before you go? I exclaimed, tell me in it not really 12 o'clock and half the day has gone. They departed the High Rise just after noon.  Lovely to see them, but nice to have peace once more. Meanwhile, I appear to have mud in the treads of shoes. Yuk, won't do at all. I picked it out with a finger nail file and flushed it.

Update of family matters:

Oldest Niece is at Sis in Law's business in Gippsland, helping out. Apparently it is cold there. Snow even. I worry about the slope on Sis in Law's roof. Will snow slide off it?

Non Dreaded Nephew's car has blown up and is somewhere on the side of a road between the Mornington Penisula and Gippsland, but that won't stop him taking his father, Tradie Brother, to see Prince on Thursday night.

Chainsaw niece has smashed up her non insured car and written it off. She is very lucky she wasn't hurt. That sounds so simple but it was quite a drama.

Tradie Brother turned the wrong side of 45 and put on his own party. Thankfully he did not invite us. Jim Beam at noon is not our style.

Oh yes, one more thing. Bone Doctor was flashing around her new Ipad, which she did not actually pay for. We were impressed. It is just a smart phone though, with a bigger screen. Medical profession corruption, I cried, as I am wont to do. Not quite, she said.  She bought her own defib machine to have in her car in case she ever needs it. To her surprise, she received the Ipad as a gift.

I am so thoroughly sick of hearing about Angry Birds in the media. What is it? Bone Doctor, show me Angry Birds on your new doctor payola IPad machine. Ok, hmm, ok, right, it is computer game where you shoot something at something. How interesting. Yawn.


  1. iPads don't operate a phone so I guess your description of it is metaphorical.

  2. Yes Victor, a little large to hold to your ear.

  3. When Victoria got its second university (Monash in 1963), students would only go to The Farm if there was a decent watering hole near by. The Notting Hill Hotel was that place!

    Was that approximately where you went?

  4. "Wash your mouth out." That's so funny coming from a kid.

  5. Love the Collingwood comeback from little Jo!

    Angry birds was interesting in our house for oh, about two minutes.

  6. I gave my DVD player away coz I never used it.
    Sounds like your family have been rather busy!

  7. Hels, you narrowed it down to a precise location.

    Yep Rubye, clearly copying what she had heard.

    Kath, this grumpy old man does not get computer games above patience or tetris at all.

    Fen, we were given ours, but it was brand new, barely used, yet the remote won't work. Family has been too busy.

  8. Two things Andrew, I used to be a huge fan of the little man with the high voice (Prince)but he is now so off my xmas card list for daring to say he is doing an Australian!someone ought to inform the little twat that Perth is actually IN Australia..and also I'll never look at 'sticky rice' again without thinking of you haha!

  9. Grace, all those mining royalties. Your guv should have offered a cash incentive. Don't think of me when you have sticky rice. Sticky rice is two Asian guys together. Well, ok, I told you.

  10. I am tired from reading about your day... - what a family you have?

  11. MC, I hope you don't think they are particularly interesting. They are not.