Sunday, April 08, 2012

Rupe is disgraceful in Australia too

Star or Star City is Sydney's casino. It is, or was, even more ghastly than our Melbourne's Crown. It is some time since I have been to Star.

Fairfax Press, publishers of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have reported this online and maybe in hard copy. While I knew The Australian was a right wing newspaper, it is well worth a read at times. I am gobsmacked that Rupert 'trust me' Murdoch's flagship national Australian newspaper would so blatantly do this.

On March 2, after weeks of negative stories about the casino in other media, The Australian splashed a report on its front page purporting to tell the ''real'' story of what was going on at the Star.
The paper did not disclose that its leak was secretly sanctioned by the casino's owner, Echo Entertainment, as a strategy to counter damaging stories being run by other media outlets to whom disgruntled Star employees were complaining about the casino's management.


  1. I reckon Rupert Murdocks media empire has lost the plot and is sinking like the titanic with all the scandal of recent times :-).

  2. Thanks to Superman, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen I grew up with a very romantic image of a newspaper's power and proper role in society.
    The cry "Stop the Presses" was the basis for many a B grade Hollywood movie.
    Despite their often excessive zeal, it seems the CPA's Tribune is the one newspaper that has consistently dug up real dirt [even if it tended to distort it].

    In 1957 Many of the Aboriginals removed to the Warburton Ranges at the height of Maralinga Mania, were living in absolutely disgraceful conditions. This was reported first in a WA govt enquiry, then picked up by the Tribune and later the Melbourne press.
    On Feb 1st of that year an Adelaide paper published an outraged rebuttal written by a journo named Rupert Murdoch. He praised in glowing terms the many benefits of white civilisation.
    When the WA enquiry commissioner took a film crew and Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls to see for themselves, the film "Manslaughter" was shown in halls around Australia and provided the major impetus for the '67 referendum.

    I would hate to get sued and so shall leave readers to guess how high my opinion of him has always been, and just how great the height from which he has recently fallen.

    When social media finally take control of news circulation and we are bombarded by rumour and innuendo, let us remember that the quality of information will not have changed.

    I swear, Andrew, what you describe here is almost as disgusting as the outcome of Fair Work Australia's investigation of Craig Thompson.

  3. Maybe I am naive or ignorant but I am still to understand what is so 'explosive' about the allegation that Premier O'Farrell said he would have to 'smash' the casino over the reports of sexual misconduct.

    On the other hand the case shows yet again how people in the public eye nowadays can no longer escape their past. O'Farrell claimed that he could never have said that he would 'smash' the casino as 'smash' is not a term he uses. Within hours videos were released of O'Farrell using exactly that term in four or five situations including on the floor of Parliament.

    Oh what a web they weave.....

  4. It looks like it Windsmoke. Maybe there will be little involvement of Murdochs in the Murdoch empire.

    Thanks FC. That was some aboriginal history I wasn't aware of. The Tribune has a proud history, for sure. I like what is happening by Get Up and similar now. They seem to be quite an effective organisation and I would not want to be targeted by them. Thompson has already been disgraced so far as I am concerned.

    Victor, I think he wanted to smash the casino over more than the reports of misconduct. I hadn't heard about the 'smash' lie. Ripper.