Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meals out

I have nothing scheduled for this morning. I better write a quickie tonight. Comedy Festival performance by Shappi Khorsandi was good. One hour of a comedian is quite adequate. It was easy to see. The Comedy Festival performances that have mega queues are for the very popular performers, such as Wil Anderson.

We had a nice meal at Lemon Bistro, a Thai restaurant in town, with Sis in Law afterwards. We enjoyed her company for the two night visit, but always nice to have our place back to ourselves. Non Dreaded Nephew is giving up his Carlton garret and so I felt obliged to tell Sis in Law to pass on that he is welcome to stay with us if he has had a night in town, or a night on the town in town. He knows that already.

Thursday was an expensive day, with my car getting its annual service, which was three months late, $1200 for a 12 year old car. Drive shafts were replaced, rear brake shoes and cylinders were replaced. When I was rung and told the details, on the list were globe replacement, a brake light and a parking light. I protested that I was very surprised about that. Because R and I park in front of or behind each other at home and we often have to swap cars, we quickly notice if a light on either car is not working. They did not appear on the bill. I suppose out of $1200 a couple of dollars for light globes is nothing. But I don't like to feel ripped off, even if I am being.

I also went to the dentist the same day, who sends reminders every six months. Golly gosh, is it four years since I have been to the dentist for a check up and clean? Damn, said the dentist under her breath. There is nothing wrong. How can I earn some money? You have some old fillings that may need replacing and one or two teeth may need a crown. I nodded in an agreeable manner that did not indicate, when hell freezes over. If my teeth aren't broke and hurting, then I am not doing anything but a check for cavities.

Saturday, shopping and a deliciously greasy breakfast out. Arvo, drive to Station Pier and take a decent walk, the benefits immediately ameliorated by a serve of chips and potato cakes, scallops for youse up north. And then more Thai food at Siam Thai in Caulfield. Great decor, great service, weird Tom Yum and everyone was happy with their food except me. I made some poor choices by being adventurous but doesn't Galloping Horse sound so interesting? So unlike me. Next time I will go for the sweet and sour pork chicken, a fine Aussie food staple. We were dining in bagel belt territory and most of our fellow diners were locals. A Hindu friend was with us, so beef was off too. While he never comments, we know how strongly he feels about eating beef and we attempt to not obviously eat beef in front of him. We were just lucky as there wasn't a vego among us, sorry V.


  1. hmmm I think men have it backwards. You would pay for a 12 year old car (which may not be worth much any longer) and not pay for crowns for your teeth (which are precious).

    But I am the last one to talk about dentists *sigh*. I go every six months, but I cannot sleep the night before every visit.

  2. If it was me and i felt ripped off i'd looking for another garage or service centre to have my car serviced. Your final bill of $1,200seems a bit expensive even with the extras :-).

  3. Perhaps you are right Hels. I had to decide whether to keep the car for another couple of years or not, depending on when R stops working and we may just have one brand new one. I decided to keep it and the money had to be spent once I had decided.

    Windsmoke, we have been taking our cars to the same bloke for three decades when we have lived near enough to his garage. He does charge high prices, but usually the work is good and we don't have complaints. However, he was on holidays. Also a tune, service and wheel alignment was done.

  4. My teeth give me 40 mpg - pity I can't say much about the car.

  5. Don't get me started on dentists!

  6. FC, clever.

    River, dentistry should have been part of Medibank when it first started.

  7. Anonymous12:36 am

    So does that mean you won't eat meat in front of me now? V.

  8. Andrew: That's sweet that you try not to eat beef in front of your Hindu friend. Do you think he'd mind a lot? For people on religious diets, I wonder if many of them are offended by what other people eat? I would guess most would be judgmental or bothered only if you are of the same religion.

    I guess it would depend on the religion and the reasons behind not eating something.

    For Hindu's they think a cow is holy, right? So maybe it would be bothersome to see one being eaten.

    As for dentists and car mechanics. I think it's hard to trust them. How do you know when something is REALLY wrong and needs to be fixed. Or when person is just trying to make you worried so they can get more money.

    It's great that you're teeth are in good shape after not seeing the dentist for 4 years.

  9. Dentists ain't going to be visited by me in Switzerland any time soon. Unless there's pain and/or visible swelling/ugliness, no news is good news.

  10. V, errr, it is not your religion, just something you believe in. Ok, that is a fail.

    Dina, we do kind of eat beef in front of him, but we don't talk about it and if he hosts a barbeque, then we certainly don't take beef. Yes, part of their religion and eating beef is just wrong.

    After three years of motor mechanic apprenticeship, I know enough to know. I didn't mean to leave it four years. Time just gets away.

    Heard of a bad experience Kath? Or just so expensive?

  11. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I could go half a dozen potatoe scallops with plenty of salt now Andrew, pity they are hard to find these days.

  12. Only available from a hamburger joint for you Anon?