Friday, March 23, 2012

The Yarts

We were going into town to consume some consumer consumption. Instead the trams stopped at the Arts Centre. We did not have the energy to walk on. Instead we had a cup of coffee in the forecourt of the Arts Centre and went back home. The world famous Spiegeltent has returned to Melbourne. Well, one of them. I believe there are ten. Marlene Dietrich performed in a Spiegeltent, and each tent claims her as their own yet she only performed in one. The first time I saw the Spiegeltent, I was entranced. Now it just looks a bit shabby.

The Tram Bar is back too, but I am sure the tram had wheels last time it was placed there. It certainly does not now. When the opportunity arises for a display tram, the route number is always 69. Fortunately tram destination rolls only show Kew or East Kew. Far Kew is not on the destination roll.

I think The Mad Square exhibition has moved on by now. What a great poster from I assume a great piece of art.


  1. As well as route number 69 I notice the tram number is 969. Must be a threesome.

  2. Eats, routes, and Victor for the win.

  3. I remember my first visit to the Yaets years ago, andrew. all that water running down the windows. Now it's become a landmark, like the green and yellow tram and soon the Spiegeltent.

  4. The tram needs its wheels, it just looks tatty without them.

  5. Victor, after I posted I noticed the tram number too. I expect it really is a coincidence.

    Ann, silly people now say the word route as rout. Very un Australian.

    Elisabeth, putting their hand up against the water wall is kids' intro to the Arts Centre.

    Funny River. I think all old trams from other Australian cities are ugly. Melbourne's, with or without wheels, are gorgeous.

  6. The Mad Square exhibition has, sadly, finished but it was certainly worth a good long visit. War and Depression devastated all countries between 1914 and 1935, but there was something particularly bleak about German art in this era. Even the jazzy, champagne soaked 1920s looked jagged.

  7. Interesting Hels. As an alternative to being a VIP in the Raj, I have rather fancied being in Berlin in the 1920s, but perhaps not for the art.


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