Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is this solution

Golly, it was only this morning and already I am answering. What a push over am I, said the bishop to the bishop.

Our air conditioner sits in a metal tray. If you have an air conditioner, you will know they drip water. The original units fitted to apartments in this building had a tray equipped with a pump to pump the water out of the tray and into the sewerage system. These have not been terribly reliable, but that is an aside as ours, being retro fitted, uses a different method.

The tray has a water sensor and when the water reaches a certain level, a heating element switches on and the collected water is steamed away, which is why the plate with the holes in it looks burnt. Under the plate is the element that looks much like an old electric kettle element.

It all works quite well, but in extreme humidity, water also drips from the pipes that run at the back of the system and fall straight onto the balcony floor and drip down below.

No one has been here when clouds of steam rise when water is being evaporated, but it could be alarming.

The rubber pipe is just the hose from the gas bottle to the barbecue that sits on top of the air con unit.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Gosh, water in one form or another and dripping in some form or another seems to be featuring significantly in your life at present. Still, when we read that you are just drinking water from now on, we shall know that you are really in trouble!!!

  2. Water JayLa? Maybe that fits in between morning and afternoon coffees, and evening drinks? I do keep well hydrated to maintain my youthful complexion. Oh dear, I have set myself up for failure once again.

  3. Your own steam bath it seems.

  4. Rubye, I suppose you could do a facial steaming at least.

  5. Ha ha! Fascinating. I'd have never guessed it.

    And I thought of you today, driving along Queens Rd, before the underpass bit outbound, the electronic sign says something about delays from Chaple St. FAIL FAIL FAIL. Must be the same person who put the last sign up.

  6. Yep Fen. Been like that for about a week.

  7. In my previous residence when split system aircon was installed I used to keep a bucket under the dripper and collected water was tossed into the veggie pots until I found out how salty it was. After that I poured it on the driveway weeds instead.

  8. River, why would the water be salty? Your weren't near the sea and salt laden air were you?