Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This law is not for me #79

I get all these warm and fuzzy feelings when I watch this video. Note that there are also traffic lights that have been disobeyed.

Shadenfreude is a marvellous word. I felt the same pleasure once when a Mercedes and a BMW collided right in front of my eyes in the salubrious suburb of Armadale. To make it even better, one was 4wd/SUV and both were black.


  1. I must admit, it made me feel very good also. Plus, it's funny!

  2. Have to agree with Rubye. It seems, from the speed the following cars were going they were hoping...? Or perhaps they did not realise that it was a matter of one at a time.

  3. It's a bus lane Christine, hence the cars aren't supposed to be in there at all!!

    I laughed heartily, especially at the second one. They're all morons and they get what they deserve.

  4. Oh... not familiar with this sort of thing... comes from living in the bush...sigh!!! ( but the clarification makes it even funnier and just).

  5. I love that word - taking pleasure in someone else's discomfort or unhappiness -

  6. Oh dear... is this another one of those "loop at the traffic lights" revelations? I'm more technologically obsoleter than I thought.

  7. Rubye, really funny when you see the car's 'blood' running into the gutter.

    Christine, it is a bus only road. As soon as the front of the bus passes over the bollards, the traffic light goes red. People knew exactly what they were doing.

    Fen, note the vid was uploaded 2006 and there aren't any new ones, so I guess people have learnt.

    Christine, oh yes, Fen explained.

    MC, don't you think it is not nice to do that though? I can't help myself.

    FruitCake, re the loops or the bollards, you don't need to know about them. For the former you stop your car with the nose at the stop line. For the latter, obey the traffic lights. But I find knowing why is interesting.

  8. It's moments such as you describe that have me wondering if there's not a god after all ...

  9. Red, it is always the little things in life that give pleasure.


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