Monday, March 26, 2012

Ball Sports

There is a new Australian Rules football team based in western Sydney called Greater Western Sydney. I love the team theme song, although I am not sure how anyone will go singing it. Perhaps they don't plan to be victorious very often.

I could show you the official clip of the song, but that might be a bit boring. This makes it just that little more interesting.


  1. Had no idea that when I tried out for cheerleader someone was filming it...

    ps. love it!

  2. Mazel tov, they may need it!

  3. Haha FruitCake. I surprise myself that I can post about football a couple of times a year.

    Peter, given their performance at the first match, they need lots of mazel tov.

  4. I love footie...
    and I love chassidic dancing...
    but somehow the two look incompatible :)

    Out of the two outfits, I prefer the footballers' tight jumpers and silken knickers, rather than long black coats. Go Ds!

  5. Oh Hels and Windsmoke, what a disappointment you both turned out to be with your football team selection.

  6. i grew up in a football household (dad even insisted on naming me after footballers), but i haven't paid much attention in the last 15 years. then i heard that there was going to be a greater western sydney team, so i decided i'll have a go at following them this year. my mum's family are from blacktown, so i like to pretend this means i'm at least part-westie.

    i can guarantee i'll be over the whole affair by easter.

  7. All those club songs have their interesting elements.

    The cross town team, our mighty Swans, has that dazzling line

    'shake down the thunder from the sky'

    whatever that means.

    It was only when I saw some B-grade movie from the 1940s (I think featuring one Ronald Reagan) that I first realised the Sydney Swans song (music) is the taken from the equivalent Notre Dame University song in the USA.

    Who said sport isn't universal?

  8. Andrew

    a person doesn't "select" a team, as you might select a brand of tea from the supermarket shelves. There is no choice involved.

    When toddlers first go to kindergarten, they put on their team beanie and everyone immediately knows who the family barracks for. You cannot select a team; nor can you opt out of a team. It is a family heritage, passed on from one generation to the next.

  9. Victor, I know a few of the team songs, but not SS. I will have to check it.

    Hels, I have changed teams twice and I think I may now follow Western Sydney. I just to check out the looks of the players first. I am a bad Victorian. Little Jo is conflicted with Sister supporting Hawthorn, Bone Doctor supporting Essendon but also working for Geelong at times. It rather depends on who is dressing the child as to which team she supports. But then she also likes the word Doggies.

  10. Smudgeon, I have no connection to GWS at all, but I might support them too.

  11. Hahahahaha loved it, although watching hunky young men singing it too would have been good, but not as funny! Mazel Tov!

  12. Grace, I have seen them singing it. Not too bad at it either.

  13. it sounds like a Russian knees up song! Fab.