Saturday, March 03, 2012

A shiny new machine

The old laptop had become intolerably slow and erratic. We could have reloaded the operating system and it would have been ok, but what we wanted was something for travelling that did not weigh a ton.

Over months we have discussed the replacement, Ipad? Android pad? Tiny net book? An Ipad would have done for travel but I use the computer to back up photos when we are travelling. I suppose you can do with an Ipad, but I don't know how and it is so simple to just plug in the camera cord. Also, would it be useful for the rest of the year when we weren't travelling? Would it get used?

For that reason we decided on this fairly light lap top or perhaps it is a note book. It works beautifully and is just as fast as this desk top machine. It is a Toshiba Satellite Pro T110, if that is of interest to anyone.

Jayne suggested some time ago that she received good service at MLN Computers. I subsequently bought a wireless router there and I was pleased with them. Our nearest is opposite Vic Market and as we travelling along Kingsway to buy the new machine, I noticed what looked like a new MLN shop in Kingsway. Was it the same place with a new branch? Was it open? Well, we weren't going to abandon the tram on the off chance, so we continued on and bought the new machine at the shop opposite Vic Market. I have subsequently learnt that it is a new MLN shop in Kingsway and it is very convenient for us.

See the little thing stuck in the side of the unit? It is a transmitter for a wireless mouse. Why did we not buy one of those years ago.


  1. I hope it suits your purpose well. I'm a bit curious the remote control beside your new lap top is exactly the same remote control for my topfield recorder, do have the same recorder?. If i'm out of line asking you this question just tell me to go away :-).

  2. Three of them actually Windsmoke. A single tuner in R's bedroom, the dual one you can see in this post and an older dual tuner which was absolutely packed with features but was terribly unreliable. I have concluded now that it was constantly overheating. While it was located in a reasonably well ventilated area, it needed even more air flow. The newest one has never failed.

  3. Congratulations on your purchase. I too love my wireless mouse yet amazingly (in my mind) I have also become more accomplished at 'fingering the pad' on my new Mac Book than I ever expected.

  4. I purchased a new laptop for a client yesterday and got one of those mousey things for him. The only thing that worried me was the tiny size of the mouse receiver USB thingy, I reckon one of my cats would take off with it and I'd never see it again!

  5. My laptop is also a Toshiba Satellite, but not the T110, I have the L730, in a cream/white/pearl grey? colour.
    The one thing I don't like about it is the left-right click bars below the mouse pad are right on the edge, so if I have the machine on my lap I need to put it on a support board otherwise my big fat belly accidentally clicks one or the other.

    You mentioned re-loading the operating system would improve the performance of your old machine. How is that done?

  6. I am in envy.... we have a hulking big PC here in the spare room and the other two humans have iPads but I'd dearly love a lappie that I could take from room to room....

  7. Better late than never Andrew, it will make life a lot easier you'll see!!

  8. Victor, I never imagined you mastering fingering a pad. You always surprise me.

    Fen, it would that wild African cat of yours that would take off with it. Prey.

    River, note our big arms on our lounge chairs. They do to rest the laptop on. R used something like a a padded tray for the old one. Well worth buying. If your machine is not too old (I seem to remember you getting a new one), I don't think it would need a reload. I am only guessing at what you do with your computer. Operating systems get tired and full of rubbish. But if you are only doing email, blog, basic internet stuff and not downloading heaps of programs for this that or the other, I don't a reload would be see much improvement.

    Kath, you agreed to move to Geneva. Perhaps you should demand one. I prefer to use the desk top one but I can still see tv and talk to the other half.

  9. Speaking of iPads, there was a mention in the paper of iPad's going cheap on eBay as the Jones's are getting ready to upgrade to the latest and best model.
    Found a 7" tablet with more bells and whistles than I'll ever understand, brand new so probably a generic brand for $129 with p&p.
    Of course, I don't want it for freelancing, just to save space and money buying hardcopy books.
    [Now all I'll need is a Dummies book from a library].

  10. I have just bought an Asus 10.1 tablet for traveling to Europe this year and drawing on. Delivery is this week and I am really looking forward to it. It has a USB port in the side for transferring info, photos, charging, etc. 32G is a good size. I want to be able to pull it out of my bag anywhere, draw, write and do everything else a laptop does.

    Installing a new operating system should bring your computer back to factory new state so long as it doesn't have hardware issues.

  11. I was curious about the reload because If I'd known how, it might have helped the old laptop, which I still have stashed in a cupboard somewhere.
    I have a padded tray for my Toshiba.

  12. I has already Grace. Much less moaning about the old one in the evenings.

    FruitCake, I think that the superseded models, phone or pad, should be cheaper than what they sell for. Save you money buying books? It will pay for itself.

    Bliss, that sounds great. You must be very excited.

    River, but sometimes it is nice to just have new. And sometimes older machines aren't up to the newest operating system.