Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Phone Photos

When I am out and about without my camera, I have to make do with the phone camera. The quality of the photos taken by phones have improved somewhat since the early days.

I didn't think I took a photo of the Olympic world champion athlete while she was dining in Fitzroy Street at the same restaurant as we were. Perhaps my finger slipped. She is with her back to me in a blue top and black hair.

Developers were allowed to build at the side and on the forecourt of this church in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. The church can only be seen through the gap between modern buildings and I think it looks pretty ridiculous. Are we seeing demolition by neglect? The developers couldn't demolish it but the creeper may well do so.

I had to look very closely to see why I took this photo. Me go to the Espy? I don't think so. Ah, it is the web address above the poster I wanted. Hey, there is some good art shown at the site.

Far from St Kilda is this apartment block, well perhaps they are better described as maisonettes. A couch cushion propping open a window with a ladder leaning against the wall. Did I witness a robbery in progress?

This is the motor car belonging to a straight male. Why on earth would he want a sticker of Keith Urban on his windscreen. Is Urban someone who this straight male would turn gay for?


  1. Hello Andrew:
    A most curious mix here. So many questions without answers are captured here by your phone lens.....does your mind buzz with such random thoughts all of the time?

    Well,you never know, you may solve the meaning of Life one day......!!

  2. It takes no special camera to capture memories, but your's looks to be a pretty good one.

  3. Who was the Olympic world champion athlete?? Curious minds need all the details!

    Talking of sitting next to greatness, if even for just half an hour, I sat next to Boris Becker in a restaurant once. We were both seated at the bar, until our tables became available. He was GORGEOUS.

  4. ha ha I take lots of random snaps then forget about them. The church looks interesting.

  5. The pretty little church does look out of place now.
    Perhaps the Keith Urban fan went to a concert and bought the sticker there?
    I'll have to check the fintanmacgee site.

  6. fintanmagee's art is pretty good! I like the two pictures featuring junior superheroes.

  7. JayLa, yes I have one of those brains that buzz and flit and jump. It is not good for concentration.

    Rubye, I so rarely use the phone camera I really don't know what it can do.

    Hels, it was Cathy F. Now Boris, he had a reputation.

    Fen, I wonder if the church is empty or what.

    Yes River, his kids could have stuck it there or anything I suppose. Modern art can be good at times.

  8. Death by creeper seems such a slow horrible death for such a lovely old church that's probably seen some really happy times...mind you death by Keith Urban would be soooooooooooo much worse haha!

  9. Grace, rather depends whether he sings at you or something else.

  10. This is kind of like an adult treasure hunt! I wonder is it possible that the car owner just likes KU's music??!!

  11. He probably does just like KU music Red, but it just ain't natural.