Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A pond had been mentioned in Walking Melbourne. I dragged R up to corner of Exhibition and Victoria Streets to see it. It was right opposite where our friend from Japan stayed with her colleagues last year.

The pond only had an inch or so of water in it, no doubt from recent heavy rain. The pond is very old and I think deserves some respect. It should be full of glistening and moving water. How about it Lord Mayor Doyle?


  1. I agree. It looks as though it needs more water.

  2. I hate to see stuff like this wasting away. Why not give it a little love and restore it.

  3. The pond is a lovely size and shape, I agree it should be cleaned and filled, maybe have some koi in it.

  4. Yes you can see where the water line is supposed to be and it looks like that might be a fountain 'doflingy' in the centre' It's definitely not living up to it's full potential, time for a petition Andrew!

  5. Elisabeth, I'd rather see it pulled out than stay like that.

    Fen, if water features are built, they need to be maintained and not forgotten.

    River, now that is a good idea, some fish.

    Grace, yes, it has some kind of water spout. Maybe just a straight pipe to propel water.