Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Line

There were five of these vehicles in my workplace carpark. They had data something on the side of them. One was slightly older and slightly different in the detail. Getting them all into a shot with a phone camera was too hard.

Meanwhile, would anyone care to suggest what this slightly burnt looking thing is?


  1. I'll take a wild guess and say its a gas heater grill or element :-).

  2. Something I've spent way too long looking at while trying to figure out what it is. :)

  3. It's something that's for sure.

  4. It looks like an outlet vent for some kind of heating system. a furnace of some sort.

    I often see a row of cars all the same like that, sometimes parked, sometimes all going along the street at the same time to the same place.

  5. gas incinerator?

    what it is, is ugly. fugly.

  6. Windsmoke, pretty close, although you were on the wrong track.

    Red, Fen and Rubye, can'y you just say you are dumb non mechanically minded women?

    River, not sure what to opine, but Adelaide is always a mysterious.

    Ann, the answer is written. No need to trouble you sleep tonight thinking about me.