Friday, March 23, 2012

Girls I'd turn str8 4

There is something about a bob haircut of dark hair and bright red lipstick that works for me. River's father used to call bright red lipstick 'harlot red'. Among our gay male friends, we call it c**k sucker red.

I absolutely adored Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Then for a long time there was no really attractive lass with a bob haircut and bright red lipstick until Miss Phryne Fisher came along, played by the brilliant Essie Davis. If you have not watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on our ABC, then you are missing some brilliant television. I doubt the similarity of the poses is such a coincidence.


  1. You ole whore you. Ever a sucker for bright red slapstick.

  2. I haven't seen the Phryne Fisher series, I didn't like the books, so didn't bother watching. Pulp Fiction was awful, I really didn't like it.

    My dad loved the red lipstick on his girlfriends....

  3. LS, so far as facial slapstick, I never argue less is more. More is better.

    River, Pulp Fiction was awful, but I kind of liked it. I say this now, but I really can't remember it apart from Uma. I did not even know about the books, let alone read them. Your dad liking his girlfriends wearing red lippy sounds like a post to come.

  4. I loved Pulp Fiction! and yes, Uma Thurman was gorgeous with her bobbed hair.

  5. I've been watching Miss Phryne Fisher's Murder Mysteries from the start and haven't been disappointed yet. There's gotta be a logie in it for Essie Davis :-).

  6. I love the old Scots riposte to
    "what's under yer kilt then?"
    "Your wife's lipstick."

    not seen Pulp Fiction, but Uma is v tall, was dancing with Vinnie Barbarino and wearing a $400 designer white shirt so of course the hair looked fantastic.

    not seen Essie in The Slap but her hair is supposed to be Flapper style like Louise Brooks made infamous in 1930.
    I loved the Phryne books and enjoy the show for different reasons despite my illogical loathing of even a glimpse of that Margolies woman. why do people love her? erk.

    Windsmoke - that Logie should be for the screenplay which I think is by the Diver Dan/Seachange people.

  7. Word has it that author (of the books) Kerry Greenwood has a cameo as a fortune teller in the upcoming episode 'Blood and Circuses'. No idea if the author/s (of the screenplay) have cameos!!

  8. I'll watch out for it Red. I haven't seen Friday night's episode yet.

  9. Rubye, one to re watch come retirement.

    Windsmoke, she deserves it. What a role.

    Ann, if I buy a $400 white shirt, will I look fantastic too? I don't mind Miriam, but I wouldn't go overboard about her.

  10. I've been recording it, haven't watched any of the eps yet, will have to get around to it some day!

  11. I've been luvin it Fen.