Friday, March 16, 2012

Chinese hats

I don't remember these bollards before. They suit the China Town location in Heffernan Lane off Little Bourke Street. I guess they are there to prevent the ubiquitous white delivery vans from putting two wheels up on the footpath, but then most people walk along the roadway anway. They do make for an orderly lane though and if you frequent a large city's China Town, you will know that they can quickly become very disorderly if not kept under tight control. One could suggest the nuisances might be committed.


  1. ooh they are very fancy, I do like those.

  2. Mmmmm yes , not just any old bollards! They're pretty fancy, smancy!!

  3. Fen, they are quite new too. I checked Street View to double check the name of the lane and there were quite different bollards when the photos were taken.

    Grace, fancy? Makes me wonder what they cost. They should be cheap, but I bet they weren't.