Wednesday, February 01, 2012

We are iditos

Well, The Age thinks we are when reporting this sad fatality.

A cyclist has been killed in a collision with a truck in Melbourne’s outer north this morning.
It goes on to say later

The truck driver, a 27-year-old man from Broadmeadows, was not injured

Please, like a truck driver is going to be injured when his truck hits a bicycle?


  1. A million scenarios present themselves... but I take your point:)
    Never mind, when Gina gets a controlling share, news reports will no doubt be far more interesting.

  2. Newspapers! Pfft!!

  3. Doh! (But he could have swerved at the last minute and hit something.)

  4. .....and I always wonder why the suburb they live in is important...?

  5. FruitCake, the rider will get pilloried if Gina gets her hands on the paper. He would be almost a non consumer of products, whereas the truck would be.

    River, they can be good at analysing the news, but they aren't much chop at reporting it.

    Diane, well had he swerved and hit something, that would have been reported and then it would be reasonable to state that he was uninjured.

    Kath, Kath, Kath. Of course the suburb is important. While a truck driver from Broadmeadows is unremarkable. A truck driver from Toorak would have had me writing another post. You wouldn't believe the criminal goings on at St Albans these days. I can often second guess the suburb from the news report.

  6. oh Andrew I laughed - Lindsay Fox is "a truckdriver of Toorak" bwah ha ha.
    I suppose at the Inquest the truckie will claim the cyclist was not visible. I loathe truckdrivers.
    Fruitcake is right too - the paper will be more interesting and none of that 'interest' will be reflecting badly on Gina.

  7. Wonder how it happened, cyclists can be a huge pain on the roads, I know there's been a couple of times when they've sort of veered out as I've passed, details would be good, an eye witness perhaps!

  8. There's every chance the truck driver could have veered away from the cyclist to avoid a collison and ended up crashing into a pole, tree or even run off the road into a ditch or rolled :-).

  9. Ann, I never thought of Fox, but yes. Reading between the lines, it sounded very much like it was the cyclist's fault.

    PDP, I've learnt to live with cyclists on the road, but not when they ride at speed on footpaths. Cycling is so popular here now, that they are winning some kind of war just by their sheer numbers.

    And if he did Windsmoke, that would have been reported and so whether he was injured or not becomes reasonable.