Monday, February 06, 2012

Watering Fido

I googled something to do with Station Pier and this photo popped up. Ah, I remember that. The dog cafe at Station Pier. I think its gone now. Ok, the photo is on someone's Flickr site. Ahh, it is my Flickr site. It is my photo.



  1. That's a novel idea for our thirsty doggy friends :-).

  2. well it made for a cool photo, shame the cafe didn't last.

  3. What a lovely cascade of doggy champagne...

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Well, a doggy water fountain, we are sure that our Trevor would love it!!!

    Such a pity that the café is no longer there and did they take their water fountain with them?

  5. That is very funny!

    Did it take you a few moments to know it was your picture; or did you know right away?

    That's a very cute fountain.

  6. Inventive hey Windsmoke.

    Fen, not sure why it didn't last. It seemed busy enough.

    FruitCake, like dogs would care though.

    JayLa, given its easy assembly, I suspect it has gone. I should think Trevor deserves Evian at least.

    Dina, no I didn't realise it was mine until I saw my name on the Flickr site. I knew I had taken a photo of it though.