Saturday, February 04, 2012


Me: There is a lot of money in the housekeeping.
R: Good.
Me: But we do need to go to Big W to buy some Vim.
R: Yes, washing powder, window cleaner and dish washing powder.
Me: So that will knock the balance down a bit.

We buy these in large containers as they are nearly half the normal supermarket price. 15kg of Cold Power or Dynamo concentrated washing powder, 3kg of Finish dish washing powder, 5l of Windex and 5l of Comfort fabric softener.

So what is the Vim reference about? Tell me what you know about Vim. You can tell me about green alternatives to the above too, which I will read with interest but not end up using.

Later edit: I'll stamp my feet and hold my breath until someone get the Vim as a collective noun reference to household cleaners.


  1. Ah, Vim. Sprinkle it into the sink, handbasin or the bath, then rub like crazy to watch everying come up gleaming. Spoons, cups ... bye bye tea stains. I grew up with Vim, my mother swore by it. These days, though, I tend to use Chemico. Not as mostalgic, but it works.

  2. What Lisa said.

    *waves* Hi, stranger!

  3. Yep TS, but my mother used something called White Lily. It was not a powder, nor a liquid cream, more a paste. I don't think we have Chemico. We use Jiff. Mostalgic = most nostalgic. I like it.

    Jayne. I thought you would be telling me about boracic acid.

  4. A friend of mine calls Chemico "that pink s**t". Pink colour, pink plastic tub. Very handy stuff. I think I may have a can of old Vim (most likely clogged all to heck by now) under the kitchen sink. I think it worked primarily by abrasion, hence the powder.

    @Jayne: Hi yourself! *waves back*

    (Checks for typos ... no, can't see any this time ... presses "publish" cautiously.)

  5. I remember Vim, a white powder used for scouring pretty much everything. Sprinkle it on a damp surface, then rub (scour) the entire surface and rinse clean, then dry. We didn't use it, my parents bought Ajax instead. I remember White Lily too, it's the same paste as "Gumption" and used for the same purpose as the Vim or Ajax.

  6. Vim, that's a name from the 'good old days' and then I checked it online and it's still around!
    But only in the Netherlands.

  7. TS, yes, I remember the clogged dispensers. Those things were very abrasive, and certainly not good for our modern shiny things.

    River, it was either Ajax or Vim. They were harsh. White Lily was smooth. I don't know of Gumption at all.

    Really interesting Peter. Vim has become modern. But only in your land. Was Vim made by an early Dutch multi national?

  8. Showing your age mentioning Vim.....Where do you store massive containers of "Vim"?

  9. Diane, we have large laundry shelves that have room for the Windex. The washing powder sits in the spare bedroom wardrobe. The fabric softener sits on the floor beside the washing machine along with some oil for the car (it is an hangover from older days) and the undersink cupboard has room for the dishwashing powder.

    So you never watched Rumpole of The Bailey either.

  10. I think it was made by Unilever before they changed the name to Jiff which later became Cif. Now its made by another firm.

  11. Vim is a blast from the past. Its Ajax and 4kg homebrand washing powder and 1L dish washing liquid from Aldi they are just as good as the expensive brands :-).

  12. The only vim I know goes with vigour!
    I buy those big packs from Big W too. I feel like I've had my current lot for close to a year, though my memory is often bad, but it was long long ago that I purchased it.

  13. I got the same response as Fenstar - vim and vigour!
    As for powder cleanser, I only know of Ajax, which always cleaned the sink in the Home Ec classrooms really sparkly.

  14. We used Ajax powder in our house - brand loyalty - not that Vim stuff. Later my mother moved onto Gumption with rubber gloves. And Pine o Cleen mixed with floor cleaner, Ajax and hot water for the loo. Long time ago now. My cleaning persons have long used bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to remove the hardest of stains. Works a treat on the stove. And cheap, too.

  15. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Ah...White Lily - that brings back memories! Growing up, that was the only product used in our household to clean surfaces. We always had at least two tins of the stuff on hand. V.

  16. Ok Peter, thanks.

    Windsmoke, Aldi can't supply us with everything and we only have some much time for shopping. As it is we go to two supermarkets for specials.

    Fen, you are of a certain age, so you don't know Vim. I don't how often we buy these large quantities, but they do last a very long time.

    Raelene, ok, you are too young too. Bragger. Vim was the same as Ajax. Both were pretty harsh.

    Christine, I really can't remember, but I think my mother just used White Lily. I am surprised your 'staff' don't use some heavy industrial type cleaner.

    V, can you remember the smell of White Lily? I can't. I can remember the smell of Wundawax floor polish.

  17. Anonymous8:48 pm

    No, I can't remember the smell. Maybe if it was in front of me, it'd come flooding back...V.