Saturday, February 18, 2012


These are known as Strandbeests by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. I was passing by in a tram and saw one in action so I had to visit Fed Square to to take my own videos. Pretty cool huh.

This is the littlun.

And this is the bigun.


  1. wow... aren's they amazing. It's interesting how the creator, by managing to get the walking gait right, injects life into these machines. Thanks for this.

  2. Some people are just SO clever!
    And people like us appreciate it. What a fun thing to see and operate.

  3. Weird and I love it!

  4. They look intriguing and engaging on a whole lot of different levels.

    Definitely gunna include this on a list of things to do on a big day in town.

  5. They are fab, saw them briefly on the news, so very clever!

    Caught up with your posts, hope Mother is feeling less shaky and scared after her neighbour's robbery?
    Love Magda, she's a gorgeous soul.

  6. Whoa, someone's got too much time on their hands, ahem, I mean, they're very smart yes!

  7. Like JAYNE i to seen 'em on the news they are quite amazing to watch :-).

  8. Christine, it is quite technically clever I think.

    River, the little on looked really easy to move. Toddlers could push it.

    Glad you like it Victor and David.

    FruitCake, I think it is there until the end of the month.

    Thanks Jayne. She will be alright in time.

    Fen, he has made many of them I think. They may have made him rich.

    Windsmoke, I never saw them on the news. Pity.

  9. Red, wouldn't it look good in the outback in a desert.

  10. Haha I just about jumped out of my skin, the sound was unexpectedly on high..amazing creations, like the little one best more manageable!
    I'm NEVER going to use Diaspora ever, there's no way I'll get it in the right context unless it's 100% specific.
    I would very much like to have a chat with one of the councilors from Stirling, would have much to say to him..hmm maybe I should make an appointment and get on with it!
    I hope Mother and FB are recovered from their ordeal, that must be the scariest thing to have persons unknown invade your private space.

  11. Grace, did you hear the sound of my heavy breathing or something? I think diaspora is probably best left to the experts. I find councillors pretty responsive to a personal approach, or even just email. Intruders have never really happened to us, and I hope it doesn't. One advantage of living in secure highrise.