Saturday, February 25, 2012

One year on, plus a day or so

Bit slow off the mark here but it is just over one year ago that an earthquake took a terrible toll of life and property in New Zealand's Christchurch. A memorial service was held on the day one year later and naturally a song was performed that seems to mean so much to New Zealanders. I reckon it is the kind of song that could make a drunk Kiwi in London get very teary.

While I am not keen on the performance at the memorial, sound system matters I think, after hunting around I found a performance I like that includes a male choir. I am not sure who the performer is, maybe Dame Kiri Te Kanawa herself. I not keen on the graphics in this one though. Aren't I so fussy about what I get for free. Whatever, here is Pokarekare Ana.

Damn it, no one does it better than Kiri.


  1. A wonderful thought.

  2. It is never too late to remember a national tragedy. I am glad you blogged about it.

    During my gap year in the mid 1960s, each national group had to put on a song that best represented their land. The 3 New Zealand students chose Pokarekare Ana, so I can exactly pinpoint the first time I heard that very haunting song.

  3. As Hels commented, the tune is haunting.

    Your post prompted me to look the song up in Wikipeadia and I was interested to see the comment that the song 'bonds' Australia and NZ. I have always thought of it as very much a NZ tune, respected by we Aussies.

  4. We learnt this at school and thought it was really exotique!!!

  5. It doesn't feel like a year ago. I heard some interviews on 774 and got a little misty eyed.

  6. Andrew I have tears rolling down my face, firstly from your comment on my post this morning, come to think of it there may be a few other factors that might stop me swimming hahahaha! Catching up on your last few posts has been hilarious, reading the comments on your 'Koala Lumpa' trip, so good! As long as you don't go near any tattoo parlors when inebriated you'll love it, great place to 'hang loose, mother goose'!
    Loved the Pokarekare Ana video, spectacular visually!

  7. I really like Hayley Westenra's version of it as well. Love the simple purity of her voice, from such a young age.

  8. Thanks Christine.

    Hels, while I think I have heard it before, it just seemed to be so appropriate for the anniversary memorial. It is haunting.

    Victor, as my father would have said, what piffle. There would be very few Aussies who could name that tune and I think there would be many who have not even heard it.

    MC, maybe more know it than I think.

    Fen, had that effect on me too, and yes, it doesn't seem to be a year ago.

    Grace, I am very embarrassedment about my mispelling. Good that it was turned to humour.

    KN, I did hear that too. She is good, but I really prefer the stronger, heavier and richer Dame Kiri.