Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old Adelaide

Papers I want to keep that are not appropriate for the filing cabinet get shoved into my wardrobe. Every six months or so I sort them out and put them in their correct home. I did so during Sunday killer heat. We had done food shopping in the morning and R said he had no intention of leaving the place again for the day. Fortunately our air con was working well, unlike someone's who resorted to cruising travelling on trains to stay cool.

I had not even filed our Adelaide trip brochures and I had left out the brochures from our last Adelaide holiday to scan a few for general amusement. I got on with it.

I think Adelaide's Festival Centre was quite new when we were there.

Look at those usurious prices for tours.

Anyone remember the Old Mill Restaurant?

Look Sydney, they had air con buses and trains way back then.

Is it a red bear? How long do they live? Very cute. It is probably dead now and how could it compete for attention against the present Adelaide Zoo's pandas? This is a high gloss booklet and I can't imagine I paid for it, so I guess it was included in the admission price.

We tried to see where we stayed at West Beach when we were in Adelaide, but couldn't find it. I wish I had checked this and noted the address. No doubt it has gone now and is something smart.

See River, I told you they changed all the bus route numbers.


  1. He's a Red Panda. Very cute. We've seen the pandas in Adelaide Zoo. All glass and not too much room, poor things.

  2. Adelaide is a terrific place for a holiday *nod*. But it can get warmish!

    I went to an Adelaide conference this past December and one of the days was dedicated to taking interstate visitors on a day tour of their choice. I chose the wine centres and art galleries of the Adelaide Hills .. naturally :)

  3. I love going through old papers and pictures. Adelaide looks like fun.

  4. I remember the Old Mill Restaurant. I had lunch there with three friends form work when I was 17, the restaurant part was fairly new back then, only recently having been converted. It's much bigger now and more touristy. The food was fabulous.

    I'm wondering now just how many times the bus routes numbers and destinations have been changed since 1982. And can you believe it? Now, 30 years later some of our older buses still aren't air-conditioned! Although they do have really comfy leather seats.

  5. The zoo's red pandas were a highlight and the buses aren't much different these days.

    And no visit to Adders was complete without a jaunt up the hills into Hahndorf to the Old Mill. Accompanied by oompah music too of course....

  6. Damn, this was supposed to be tomorrow's post. I will have to think of something else.

    Surprises me about the pandas Bliss. I would have thought they would have a perfect environment.

    Hels, yes, too hot for me. Here is bad enough. Your tour choices indicate your impeccable taste.

    Rubye, you are forgiven as you don't have local knowledge, but I expect even people from Adelaide would not refer to their city as fun, for all its charms.

    River, I think we still have a few outer area buses that don't have air con, but they would be few and far between. I am amazed that Sydney still has so many non air con buses and trains. Back in a min. Ok, checked with Street View. I remember the Old Mill, but we didn't go there.

  7. Kath, don't tell me it was like the Cuckoo in the Dandenongs. Faux Swiss, including oompah band. How appropriate.