Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This will go down now nicely, from The Guardian.

German tax collectors volunteer for Greek duty

Finance ministers in two German states have offered to send in officials to help with tax collection in Greece, but it is unclear whether such assistance would be welcomed


  1. Ho ho, into the fire!

    A Trojan horse?

  2. And out come the German tax collectors from the horse in the heart of Athens. Love it.

  3. Two French agents provocateurs were today arrested in Germany and charged with impersonating German Finance Ministers.

    When questioned by Interpol about how much they hoped to collect, one agent responded with the question "I dunno, what's a Grecian urn?"

    Seriously though, is this serious? Is the Guardian one of the good guys, or a UK equivalent of The Truth?

  4. FruitCake, it is a good and serious newspaper that calls many to account. I doubt the public would know much about the corrupt Murdoch English newspapers if it wasn't for The Guardian.

  5. Oh no, could it be the SS are still alive and well disguised as tax collectors :-).

  6. Could indeed stir up old memories Windsmoke.