Sunday, February 12, 2012

Android Apps

When I bought an Android phone, a Samsung, I knew full well that I would not be able to access the range of applications that were available to Iphone users. For the less knowledgeable, Android is just an operating system for phones, like a Windows operating system or an Apple operating system for computers. The Iphone made by Apple has its own operating system and the other serious contender used by other phone manufacturers is Android.

I am quite happy with the apps available to me. I have filled two screens with apps that I have used once or twice and never used again. Seriously, there are some very useful apps and I use them all the time.

What I did not expect, especially how the number of Android users has grown over the past year, was to be ignored by major media organisations. So far as I know, I can't get a radio app for ABC Radio. I can have a news app, but not one that I can listen to radio stations with. No matter, someone has developed one that I can listen to pretty well any digital radio broadcast in the world. I stand to be corrected, but as far as I can see the ABC does not have a radio app for Android.

Ditto Joy Melbourne radio. Iphone only.

The Age? Yep, Iphone only.

This amused me when I was hunting around on ABC's tech novice site. I clicked a link and here is where I went.

This is not a beta versus vhs battle, may the second best win, and it did. Iphone may well be favoured by most people, at the moment, but it would be a foolish media organisation that ignored the 'other'.


  1. As a fellow Android user, I'm pleased to say an ABC android app is on the way. In the meantime, I use Tune-In.

  2. Hi Andrew ... an interesting read seeing I have just changed over to a Samsung Galaxy Android phone ... which app did you download for radio news from other countries ... I'm like you ..I now have 2 pages of apps but rarely use them.

  3. I always chose Blackberry over Apple and if I still needed such a phone would go with Android simply because I've always had a negative feeling about anything Apple. I suppose this comes from the old PC/Mac battle days when I was very much a PC person. Well actually, I'm still very much a PC person. I just couldn't understand why people needed icons such as folders in order to make their computers function. Ah well.

  4. Despite my recent conversion to Apple I realise it doesn't have all the answers. Since purchasing my Mac Book a couple of weeks ago I've had to spend more money on software downloads to regain access to some functions and applications that were routinely available on my earlier PCs and lap tops.

  5. I've just got an antiquated flip open phone, but sometimes yearn for a new toy.

    Yesterday I watched my 4 y.o. grandson rolling around laughing at two cat and dog apps where they mimicked you, purred, burped, ate and drank at your taps and strokes. Very clever!

  6. I've no idea of what is this Android of which you speak. I still have a Polaroid - and a box full of Beta video tapes.

    Anyhow enough about that, time for me to play with my Meccano set.

  7. No app for ABC Radio? I would send your phone back straight away. A thinking person cannot be expected to survive without ABC Radio.

    p.s I wonder if it is political censorship that eliminated Australia's finest radio programmes from the Android.

  8. I was going to suggest many emails to ABC, but James O'Brien ^ has said that the app you want is on the way...

  9. I too have a Samsung phone ... but even though it's only about 4 1/2 years old, I suspect it belongs in a museum! At least I don't have to make complex decisions about apps and access ...

  10. Thanks James. It is not before time. I too use Tune In. It is amazing.

    Dianne, same phone as we both have but I expect you have Galaxy 2. Re radio, see James comment.

    Rubye, I feel rather like you do. I seem to have a set against Apple, which is a bit odd, as I quite anti Microsoft too, but the devil you know...

    Victor, very interesting. We are led to believe Apple products are truly marvellous.

    Bliss, send the boy outside to play. No good will come from him playing with a phone. Well, if you know what pans out, you can certainly buy a new phone.

    LS, I'll not be looking at your Polaroids, thank you. Happy bolting and screwing.

    Hels, if you are talking about a certain person in the app world, it is quite possible. She was never a friend of management was she.

    River, I expect even without James, ABC would see the post.

    Red, maybe the same as my old phone. Ultra Touch or something like that. It was quite good. Apps can be very useful for travellers.

  11. Ian N8:08 pm

    I second for Tune-In (the pro version is available free from GetJar).

    I also have to agree that Android gets 2nd shrift for a lot of apps (MIFF, Fringe, etc) where iTunes has it and Android is forever 'coming soon'.

  12. Exactly Ian. Always coming soon. Given Android is not a two bit player, I really think orgs that offer apps as a public service need to cater for both sytems simultaneously.

  13. It is silly to have two systems for phones and computers. We changed over to apple a few years ago and we have been very happy with it. The best feature being, No Viruses. We still have old phones but hope to upgrade to iphones soon. Hope to get them cheaper in USA in April. Both my son in laws have iphones and heaps of apps. Mobile phones will be the computers of the future. They will be used for everything. Even now you can use them as boarding passes, for banking and shopping.

  14. Diane, they will become essential things for us to function easily. We certainly live in interesting times. Who would have thought when you or I were born, that we would have all this. Actually, all I really expected was a jetpack to travel around on, and that hasn't happened in a practical sense. Do o/s bought Iphones have a world wide warranty?

  15. Why exactly do you need an app? If I use my Android phone to go to the ABC 774 or RN web pages and click Listen Now, it plays.

  16. Daniel, it is more that I think one should be available, rather than needing it myself. The only thing I listen to on my phone is Absolute Radio from England at times or very rarely BBC.

  17. Considering how many Android users there are out there, I think it's a huge mistake not to make apps for both platforms. I have 4 pages of apps, not sure why!

  18. Fen, like me you have them because you can.


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