Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where was Tim?

Our Prime Minister's consort was clearly busy with other matters on the day. He could not rescue his damsel in distress. As this photo from The Age shows, instead a federal policeman stepped up to the crease. One could do worse if you are in difficulty when bolting from 'rampaging Aboriginal protesters' than have him envelop you in his strong and powerful arms.


  1. Oh if only some other, more fragile person had been there to fling Julia aside and say "please, kind sir, rescue me", the comedy sketch that was would be much improved.

  2. Is that a smile I see on her "pretend-to-be-terrifed" face?

    Why yes, I am that cynical.

  3. FruitCake, you are such a cynic. I did initially take it seriously.

    Lordy River, another cynic. Whatever have politicians done to make us think like this?

  4. I'm a bit cynical too. She looks like she's quite enjoying that!

  5. Well spotted Andrew.

    Come to think of it, I haven't seen Tim for a few weeks now. Is he on annual leave from his position as Prime Ministerial consort?

    If so the man with the powerful arms must be on 'higher duties' in Tim's absence.

  6. I reckon poor Tim was walking back to the Lodge like last time when President Obama was here or hiding in the bushes egging on the protesters :-).

  7. Bliss, well I would be enjoying it.

    Higher duties Victor? Whatever do you mean?

    Windsmoke, I suspect government staff forget about Tim.