Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week's flowers

I bought R the new vase for christmas. Two vases have become casualties over the past year, one given to him by a workmate and he was fond of it. If you remember, he bought me a clock radio which cost considerably more than the vase. I will buy him a really nice vase for his birthday. Of course there is some self interest in R buying me a clock radio. It ensures I get to work on time to bring home the bacon while he considers retirement.

The last photo is a City of Melbourne flower box. The salvia is surrounded by parsley and yes, I have seen people pick the parsley and eat it.

These white gladdys were just glorious. They are just past their prime in the photo with the lower blooms starting to brown.


  1. There are lots of things to consider when you want to retire but most of all let your head make the decisions and not your heart :-).

  2. So long as he greets you at the door with your slippers and pipe each evening ;)

  3. The vase is beautiful Andrew.
    Fresh flowers make such a big difference in the house. When I was working I used to buy them every week. Now, I settle for watching the pine trees and hawks. :)

  4. A lovely idea for his birthday. I'll meet you at Fed Square and we'll choose something nice at the glass shop.
    You know I have perfect and expensive taste.

  5. The salvia is gorgeous! Sunny and fiery both at once. I grew some once, but don't quite remember where I was living at the time.
    I'm sure R will love whatever you choose for his birthday.

  6. Maybe the parsley thing is the equivalent of grazing? Call me crazy, but I don't understand the attraction of eating something that may or may not have been urinated on ...

  7. PS You won't need to give R a b'day prez if you give him the wonderful gift of retirement!!

  8. Haha! Red makes a very good case against the eating of the public parsley!! Very nice vase btw and I bet R loved it, would look spectacular filled with orange roses.

  9. Yep Windsmoke. Head must rule and no temper tantrums and an immediate resignation.

    Not quite Jayne, but a nice meal at least.

    Rubye, it is such a habit for us now, it would be strange for us to not have flowers.

    You payin' Jah Teh?

    River, I like the red especially. We have grown them in a garden in the past.

    Red, hopefully not in Melbourne's main street. Retirement will be his decision, not mine.

    PDP, orange roses? Do you have some? I will email you my address.

  10. I'll pay for the coffee, you pay for the vase and the croissants.

  11. Nice vase and love those gladdys. The salvias must look impressive all together like that. I love salvias, I have some of a different variety in my garden and they're very hardy.

  12. Fen, I can remember where I had them, but I think it was a bit dry for them.


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