Monday, January 16, 2012

They're here

Well, R's Sister and her friend have arrived, but their luggage did not and remained in London. They have gone into to town to buy some emergency clothes and their cases should get delivered here tomorrow. Qantas, fail. The flight was indicated as being thirty minutes late when we left home for the airport. By the time we arrived at the airport, it was fifty minutes late. After they sorted out their case problem, we were three hours in the short term car park for the outrageous price of $28. Qantas and Melbourne Airport, fail.

Has an airport designer ever met anyone at an airport? Unlikely, otherwise it impossible to imagine how they would design the exit for passengers after clearing customs etc, to have three separate exits perhaps fifty metres apart. Try as we could, we could not see all exits at once and naturally the one we were nearest to wasn't the one they came out of. Absurd.

Once home they opened their compensation packs given to them by the Lost Luggage Department. Along with toiletries, was a grey tee shirt and grey shorts. Astonishingly the flying kangaroo was adorning the tee. So if you see people in grey tees and shorts with the flying kangaroo on it, they are Qantas lost luggage victims.

We took them down to the beach for drinks and some nibbles at a cafe and then around St Kilda a bit for R's Sister to re-familiarise herself and show where they had stayed in the past to her friend.

No idea what will happen about dinner tonight. Not my department. They arrived with two bottles of scotch for us and two bottles of vodka for them, so I can guess what will happen after dinner.


  1. ' They arrived with two bottles of scotch for us and two bottles of vodka for them, so I can guess what will happen after dinner.'

    Probably a very entertaining game of Scrabble ... or Twister.

  2. I don't think so. There is no sign of them or any meal appearing, so I guess we are going out. Six and they are not back yet. We told them not to catch a 1 or an 8 tram back. They probably remembered that we told them to get a 1 or an 8.

  3. To misquote Robbie Burns, "Ah, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to ... belong to a family."

  4. I hate to travel, Andrew, but I enjoy visiting the airport to collect those dear to me when they go away or return from overseas or interstate and to watch others reunite. Never in all my time have I encountered such disasters as you describe here but I know they happen.

    I'll look out for those marked shorts and t-shirts and commiserate with those who have lost luggage with Qantas. What do they do with these complimentary outfits? Do they issue them according to size, small, medium, large, male, female, child, small child, large child? The mind boggles.

  5. I think that there's always been annoyance that the airport carpark owners have successfully managed to squash any rail connection to the airport..... You can understand why so many cars pull up *near* the turn off and wait until they see their mates' flight landing and time it so that they sweep by and pick 'em up without having to enter the paid car park.

  6. Are you sure Qantas didn't just 'outsource' the luggage to another continent?

  7. Note to self, when travelling by plane send a suitcase of clothes to destination two weeks in advance. And always travel to and from airports by bus.

  8. We have similar problems here. The short term car park is expensive and about a 15 minute walk from the terminal. We also had a lost bag between Sydney and Brisbane would you believe. It went to Melbourne. Did you see it looking lost? We have a train connection now but it only runs in business hours????

  9. What a pain in the rear, gah!
    I shall also be on the look out for those tshirts lol.
    Hope the meal turned out ok!

  10. LS, your Robbie might have said something like that, but only one visitor is family. Shall we give the other a hard time? They have passed out with barely a drop between their lips. So much for the hard drinking women of Newcastle.

    Elisabeth, I think they are one size fits all. We have had luggage disappear for three months and only turned up after the compensation cheque arrived.

    Ah Kath, Vic Roads have been very busy blocking by fencing the pull up before the airport. No one was pulled up on the freeway. Oddly perhaps, the latest planned makeover of the airport includes train access, but whether that will ever happen, who knows.

    FruitCake, outsourcing was a subject much discussed during their first day. I can't believe their luggage will arrive the day after. I can't believe they have their meds in their luggage.

    River, maybe we are unlucky, but we have experienced lost luggage twice, and now a third time by a visitor.

    Diane, I know nothing of baggage handling, but I really don't have a clue why baggage goes missing like that. I have heard about the limited running times of your airport train, but at least you have a train to the airport. The nightmare of buses, cars and taxis we observed this morning just reinforced how much we need a train.

  11. Jayne, they are using them as jim jams now. The logo is also emblazoned on the shorts.

  12. That is so funny about the Qantas clothes. Now I want to go to Australia just to look out for them.

    Although I probably jinxed myself by saying that, and I'll end up being the one wearing those clothes.

    Sorry you had to wait so long at the airport, especially since you had to pay for it.

    I hope you enjoyed the scotch and vodka.

  13. I always thought those people wearing those grey tees and shorts with the Flying Kangaroo logo on them were Qanats employees now i know they are victims of Qantas instead :-).

  14. One sure way for you to get a set Dina is to be rude to the check in staff, and off your cases will go to Timbuctoo. Excessive tiredness hit last night, so it was an early night for all.

    Windsmoke, it is quite funny really now we know.

  15. oh now I want Qantas to lose my luggage so I get some sexy grey shorts and tshirts. Hubba hubba.

  16. They aren't pretty Fen.


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