Monday, January 30, 2012


R's sister and her friend wanted to go to Victoria Market for some rubbish gifts to take back to the UK. We were sitting and having coffee when I noticed an interesting looking cafe. I went to take a snap but some photo blockers got in the way.


  1. Oh, man! Don't you just HATE it when that happens?!?!

  2. yes what Red said.
    For rubbish tourist gifts - is that Swanston Street place still there near the Collins corner? Simmonds I think the name is. Never paid it any attention because it was tasteless junk but right now I wish I was browsing there for the most tasteless best junk.
    The actual old shops on the Victoria Street side of the Markets used to have a souvenir place called something like IT's AUSTRALIAN. owned by little country lawyer Gary*Singer (famous for beating the cops after their Tasty*Club bust) who later became Deputy Dawg Mayor of Melb.
    oh I could waffle on and on.
    Nice to have a cool day after all that heat. X X

  3. Gosh dang photo blockers!
    R's sister is still with you guys?
    Sorry Andrew, I haven't been keeping up.

  4. What about some genuine imitation Vic Market hot jam donuts?

  5. Haven't been to Vic Market in yonks must pay a visit again someday soon. Damned photo blockers are a real pain :-).

  6. Wow I wouldn't describe them as 'rubbish gifts' !

  7. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Tsk tsk. They're never described as rubbish gifts. They are always kitsch, or ethnic, or delightful memorabilia.
    Cute photo blockers....

  8. Red, I'll just say there were many photo spoilers passing by that day.

    Rubye, there are consolations. Yes, visitors have left. Post scheduled in eight hours.

    FruitCake, we don't eat such unhealthy things as donuts, unless they are Spanish.

    You should Windsmoke. It has a good atmosphere on Saturday. It was the first time I have been on a Saturday.

    Kath, of course I wasn't interested in the one with bulging muscles, but the one in the white tee in coming out of the cafe.

    River, I'll go for delightful memorabilia.

  9. Absolutely, every time!! Never mind I enjoyed the image of the guy in the black T shirt, he looks kind of cute haha!

  10. I usually enter the shop and ask permission to take pics - it's just too hard taking pics of shops from the outside, especially on a busy day - it's just impossible to freeze the moving crowd

  11. It's amazing how those photo blockers distract me.

  12. Ann, that is very interesting about Singer. I've never googled tasty raid. Must do it some time. A friend received about $10,000 in compo from cops. I think that shop at Vic Market has gone now. I remember all the shops along there and there doesn't seem to be any souvenir shops now.

    PDP, you can't see his face, but you instinct was right. He was the nicest looking.

    Michael, of course I may not have really been taking a photo of the shop.

    I know Victor, I know. You have great trouble keeping men out of your shots.