Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bush Telegraph

I listen to so many wonderful podcasts from our ABC, mostly from Radio National. I hear that podcast downloads have saved Radio National.

In no order, what I download and listen to are

Life Matters
Health Report
Law Report
360, although I often don't listen to the whole programme as they can sometimes be boring...ah wanky

I also download our local gay radio station's podcasts from Orange Ribbon, a gay multicultural show and Detours, a gay travel program.

And the last, England's Absolute Radio podcasts of Frank Skinner's show with his co-hosts Alun Cochran and Emily Dean. The humour is subtle and clever.

But there is a new show I have tuned into from ABC's Radio National, The Bush Telegraph. I am not sure about the normal show and nor am I sure that it is so new, but it did a week of features of iconic Australian animals. Let me see if I can recall them. The shows were great and well worth downloading.

Tasmanian Devils
Horses, more specifically, Walers, not so Australian and I thought horses would be boring, but not at all, and the Walers are quite Australian.


  1. I've always enjoyed the Book Show, still do ,even without Ramona Koval. and for some reason I often listen to the health report and the spirit of things, not that I'm religious as such but Rachel Kohn can present an interesting program often times.

    The ones you highlight here are also excellent. Long live Radio National .

  2. I am with Elisabeth. Ramona Koval and Rachel Kohn hosted my absolute favourite radio programmes. In fact my day before 9AM and after 9PM is organised by Radio National.

    Andrew, I knew Ramona Koval professionally and socially since uni :)

  3. There are a lot of good radio podcasts mostly from national broadcasters.
    I am sure you have checked out the BBC offerings, The Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy is well worth a go, it rotates a couple of different offerings during the year.
    Canadian national radio also has some interesting docos from time to time.

  4. Elisabeth, I have only so many hours in the day, and I'm afraid that is why I don't listen to the book show. I used to listen to Spirit of Things but that had to go. My favourite was about Agapenome.

    Hels, I like Ramona a lot. I came to know her when she was on 3LO. She could be quite quick witted too.

    I have checked the BBC at times BDT and Irish radio, although I can't recall the name now. Canadian not. Not sure why I don't download Friday Night Comedy anymore.

  5. Anonymous5:05 pm

    What about wombats? They need a show too! V.

  6. 'I like Ramona a lot. I came to know her when she was on 3LO. She could be quite quick witted too.'

    Me too. The ABC can ill afford to lose such talent, but it would appear they don't give a tinker's.

  7. I agree V. I would have liked another week of it to cover more animals.

    LS, you and I will remember many similar departures from the ABC over many years.

  8. I haven't owned a radio for many years now.

  9. I noticed River. Note to self about blog mates, River does not listen to radio. I believe our ABC pays for two morning presenters on ABC local radio Adelaide.

  10. Bush Telegraph has been on for many years and is a great show. My radio doesn't receive very well here (lots of static) so listening online when you feel like it is a luxury.

  11. Ok, thanks Bliss. I'll listen to the normal programme if it has resumed. Good to keep in touch with the bush through non political types.

  12. Hey Andrew.

    Thanks for the feedback about Orange Ribbon on Joy 94.9 ;)

    Mark & Hugh - Co-presenters

  13. I've so gotten out of touch with regard to podcasts. Maybe I should start them all up again.

  14. I've been listening a long time Mark, back to the days of Alan and Shanton

    Maybe a bit hard now for you with your work times Fen.