Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unto ye a child was born

The bigots and homophobes seem to have pulled their heads in and shut their gobs, to perhaps mix things up. The silence is deafening. Senator Wong, Australian Minister for Finance, and her partner have produced a baby, and a fine head of hair Alexandra has too. Who could deny that this will be a much loved child. Makes me a little bit proud to be Australian, in spite of me disagreeing with much of Senator Wong's rhetoric.

Later thought. Ian Molly Meldrum is an openly gay man. Where are the homophobic haters? I've heard nothing but good wishes for Molly's health from all directions after his fall from a ladder. This is good.

Photo by the marvellous William Yang.


  1. ah, both pictures are so cute!

  2. Yes, from what we sometimes see in the USA there would be groups there who'd proclaim what happened to Meldrum is 'God's vengeance against fags' (excuse my language).

  3. Senator Wong and her partner Sophie have produced a beautiful baby.. they seem utterly besotted with little Alexandra. They look like a really lovely family.

  4. Molly is well on his way to recovering as he would have passed away by now. Alexandra is definitely a gorgeous baby and she has her parent's thick black hair. I agree the homophobics haven't crawled out of the woodwork, if they did open their gobs they would be condemed :-).

  5. I think so too Rubye.

    Some of those orgs in the US are truly hateful and vicious Victor.

    A nice family indeed Hels. It would be interesting to see some statistics on same sex couples with kids. It is not until you know one, ie my sister, that you realise just how many there are.

    Yep Windsmoke, the latest being he is slowly being brought around. Perhaps people are sensitive to there being a time and place.

  6. oh wow, look at that head of hair, gorgeous little baby!

  7. Awww, baby....I love babies.
    Molly and his pal look happy.

  8. What part of "love one another" don't the fundamentalists get?

    I'm confident Molly will be fine - if not a little disappointed the party fell through.

  9. Sweet as, hey Fen.

    River, would you believe that Molly photo was the early 80s.

    FruitCake, we are all supposed to tolerate difference in so many ways, yet some have very closed minds. As Jean Genet said, who Post Apocalyptic Bohemian wrote about today, "I'm homosexual... how & why are idle questions. It's a little like wanting to know why my eyes are green."