Friday, December 30, 2011

Today Tonight on a bus

Makes a change from 'I was on a tram today.....'

R despatched me to Prahran for some supplies while he snoozed away having his afternoon nap. A bus came before a tram. Two stops later a lad boarded. He has a loud conversation on his phone. He sounded a bit gay to me but probably just one of those private school educated lads. He was wearing a straw hat and spectacles and had decent beard growth without having a beard.

I pricked up my ears when I heard him saying he was going to the Prahran Markets. Odd, because there is only one market. It was the usual conversation you hear from people on phones. I went out last night but I left at midnight and was home by half past twelve and in bed by one. I missed some conversation as someone else started talking loudly on their phone. It is hard to listen to two conversations and read a book at the same time. I had to start work at six and... the next word I caught was hangover and a cure. I immediately thought of vitamin B, like Berrocca. Then he said something like, ok, see you Mum, cheers. Thanks Mum. This struck me as odd too, as earlier it did not sound like a son to mother conversation.

Still, just a phone conversation you hear when travelling on public transport, or was it???

Apparently not.

Channels 7's Today Tonight happened to stray onto the Highriser television set tonight and they had a brief segment on hangover cures. Who should I see, but the same straw hatted and bespectacled guy who was on the bus talking on his phone about his hang over cure. I didn't catch the name of the product. Clearly, given the very minuscule coverage on Channel 7 and him doing ads on a bus, the advertising budget for the product must be very small.


  1. that was a brilliant idea to advertise...strike to the segment market...If all of the passenger are a blogger and they catch the product name than they will get free advertising...

  2. Thankfully i don't drink alcohol so i don't need a hangover cure which doesn't exist anyway :-).

  3. Live advertising on public transport? Not my idea of encouraging greater use of public transport.

    I hope advertising doesn't take the last available seat before I board a vehicle. :)

  4. Put more water with it...that's my cure *snort*

  5. Except Bali, it did not work as no one heard product name.

    Windsmoke, if you don't drink, there never a hangover. I should tell myself this tonight, but I fear I will forget.

    Victor, I can't remember if he validated a ticket or not. It would be a cheek to do it without paying.

    Suggestion noted Jayne, and probably ignored.

  6. I don't have a cure, don't need one, but I've heard it helps if you eat before drinking, (a proper meal, not a crisps snack), then make every second drink a water.
    Drink another large glass of water before going to bed and again in the morning. Hangover headaches are mostly caused by dehydration, which is what alcohol does to the body. Water will help to counteract this.

  7. Wise advice River. I expect I will wish I followed it.

  8. phwoar, I hope it strayed off the telly just as quick!
    Thankfully the Fenstar no longer gets hangovers, however I still get headaches from being out far far past my bed time he he!

  9. Fen, as you get older, late nights really do affect you more.

  10. Whoa! You NEARLY appeared on Today Tonight?? Can I get your autograph??!!

  11. Red, occasionally I think of fame, but then worry about my indecipherable scrawl that is my signature. I will just stay un-famous.

  12. Life is no easier at the top. You just eat better!


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