Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Day Summary

Christmas eve was spent at Sister's with Mother and ABI Brother arriving for an evening meal. Earlier we took a decent walk and visited Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. I'll make separate post about that. Later we took her dog for a walk and swim to the dog beach. Then dinner, exchanging of gifts, a visit to the local community christmas tree and home, a one hour and twenty minute drive, arriving home at 10.45 when I have to get up for work at 5.30.

Sister gave us a nice calendar featuring Victorian lighthouses, but I had already bought my own, Bush Babe calendar. Conflict.

We gave ABI Brother a BB calendar and Sister gave him a lighthouse one too. ABI Brother's calendar cost $22. He gave R and myself a gift voucher for $50. I feel cheap. I will make it up next christmas.

When I saw Little Jo, I said, Little Jo, I heard you were very naughty and hosed Nanny? She just grinned very widely. She taught me a card game I had never played before, and it had no winnner. Odd but fun.

Mother has a habit of picking up a banana when visiting and sticking in in her bag. 'I've protected your banana, Sister'.

Sister made a lovely christmas dinner and she had to do it all again on christmas day. Mother no longer makes the christmas pudding. It is Sister's job now and she uses Mother's recipe once she metricated it. It was the best plum pudding I have ever eaten.

My last clock was one that had digitally marked drop down flaps. It was old and each time a flap dropped, it made a noise, that is once a minute. R bought me this new one about twenty five years ago. It was a fine clock and still works well except the volume control is dirty and makes the volume so hard to adjust, the radio is nearly unusable. Well, the whole clock is dirty. In fact filthy. It is a while since I attempted to clean it, unsuccessfully.

Regardless of my obvious need for a new clock radio, I was not suspecting a new one for christmas, but that it what I got. It has a digital and FM radio. Boxing Day, I could not get the alarm to switch off and had to consult the manual. It is very complicated beast, but I am now mastering it. The alarm starts very softly and slowly increases its volume. The digital and FM radio reception is excellent. I am ever so pleased with it.

After work on christmas day, I joined R and friends at a friend's house and they kept me a christmas nosh up. Boxing evening, with friends at another friend's house, another christmas binge. No more food, please. Three christmas dinners in three days is too much.


  1. If I didn't already feel like I've been force-fed [self inflicted] I would go for a piece of that pud.

  2. thanks for sharing your day diary.

  3. I love that oriental lacquer tray. Very nice.
    I also like the clocks that start out soft and build up their noise as time moves on. It is like a subtle warning to get up, or else.

  4. 3 dinners is too much? that's what NYE is for: get upchuck drunk and be sick for 2 days to start The January Diet Everybody Starts.

    Love Nana's KleptoBanania.
    but NannyHosing is Lil Jo seeing how far she can go. testing boundaries, nothing more, and serious chastisement is what she was looking for, and should have got, and all will be well from now on. She's an L-plate Person.
    x x

  5. Three dinners is much too much you'll have to jog around the block a few times to work it all off. Bonza bedside table your new/old clock radio resides on :-).

  6. With warm brandy custard FruitCake. Yum.

    Cheers Tariq.

    Rubye, the top of a cupboard actually, one of the last bits from our 'antique' period.

    Ann, I am over christmas and New Year. Too much food, too much bother. I don't think Nanny will be bagging anymore bananas to keep for later.

    Thanks Windsmoke. I a mentally jogging as I type.

  7. I also love that lacquered cabinet your clock is sitting on.

    I agree that three Christmas dinners is too much; I suppose you would have disappointed people if you'd just picked at the food. The pudding looks yummy, I didn't bother with one this year.

  8. Oooooh, a dog beach - I'd have been running around wildly, trying to pat them all and knowing that LC and Sapphire were rolling their eyes in embarrassment behind me.

    Secondly - pudding looks delicious! They don't have them here and I haven't had breakfast yet and am due a second cup of coffee and that would go down a treat....

    Thirdly, I want a digital radio too - and your side table is rather lovely.

  9. You have it precisely River. It is a lacquered cabinet. Yes, you have to eat and no matter how much you eat one day, you will still get hungry the next.

    Kath, the dog beach was ever so friendly. Dog people are nice. You can chat while your dogs sniff each other's... well. No pudding in Geneva? Very disappointing. Digital radio is fantastic.

  10. I love dumping saucepans of water over the top of the hubby during 'discussions'...makes for intersting outcomes.
    Bwahahahaha and may Little Jo enjoy every minute of it !

  11. Shock him into silence Jayne, and then use woman logic on him. Outlawed under Geneva convention.

  12. very swish clock radio.
    You've just reminded me I have Xmas cake in the fridge...and I'm feeling peckish.

  13. Go for it Fen. We have pudding in the fridge. I want some cream to go with it.