Friday, December 23, 2011

Nigella Pouts

I have never really watched Nigella Lawson cooking on tv before. I knew what she looked like and heard some things about her. One of her shows is being shown on tv at the moment and I've caught a couple of episodes. I can't believe how sexual she is when she is cooking. It is quite deliberate of course and perhaps a bit too obvious, but still quite amazing. She also seems to be a quite down to earth cook. Not too much Creme Fraiche used, unlike a Brit cook from the past. Still, no body beats Jennifer and Clarissa, but sexy they weren't. How I loved seeing Jennifer's scarlet nails plunge into a bowl full of double cream, lard and salt.

On theme, I have also seen a cooking show by Gordon Ramsay. What a lovely and pleasant bloke he is. I have heard tales of course, but none of that is in this show. He is a perfectly nice fun loving father.

Those of us old enough may also remember Ken Hom. A very young Emily Dean who can be heard on UK's Absolute Radio was in a BBC studio with Ken Hom as her father worked for the BBC. Apparently his fruity off camera language created quite an impression on the young Emily.

I am on a tv cook roll here now.

A lust object of R's is Eddie, who is a cook on I think on Better Homes and Gardens. He picnicked next to us at Jells Park once. He is quite nice looking.

Personally I adore Poh, from Poh's Kitchen. She is just fabulous and a gay icon if ever I saw one. Anyone with a mouth that can open as wide as hers, has to be a gay icon.

One from the past is springing up in my mind, Jaffery or something. An Anglo Indian? Or Indian in England? I learned about my tumerics and saffrons from her.

I suppose the show had run its course, but Simon with the studded leather wrist bands and Maggie of the verjuice fame were great.

I also rather like the fat chick who likes being a fat chick who won a tv cooking show contest. I don't even know her name. Wait, Julie something. She is a good and honest cook.

Last one, a woman, perhaps from Burke's Backyard. She had a slightly cracked voice. I saw her not so long ago on SBS. Maeve or something like that.

I am just so not going back to Graham Kerr or Bernard King or that pretentious cook from Perth. Suck it up Lord Sedgwick. I gave you a nice photo of Nigella.


  1. Nigella definitely has her lumps and bumps in the right places :-).

  2. Damn straight, Windsmoke. She's a fine lady.

    And as to her cooking, I quite like it too - she's not afraid of taking short-cuts, and her food is always nummy looking.

  3. I always thought my husband was not interested in other women, or if he was, he kept it to himself. Then in 1999 he started watching Nigella Bites, taping the programmes and experimenting with her recipes. Watching her tv shows is just like having sex in the kitchen, only better.

    What a shame her father is Nigel Lawson, once Chancellor of the Exchequer :(

  4. Windsmoke, I am hardly a connoisseur of female figures, but men certainly seem to like her.

    Smudgeon, I rather like the way she cooks too. In spite of her background, see below, she is quite down to earth.

    Well Hels, I didn't know she was his daughter. I remember him. For heavens sake, don't show your husband my linked photo of Nigella, or it really will be happy Chanukah. Coincidently I heard Nigella talking on a radio broadcast of a literary lunch. She was very entertaining.

  5. I have a Two Fat Ladies apron that I adore - but my favourite TV cook is Rick Stein!!

  6. Red, the apron sounds like fun. I remember Rick's name, but I will have to guggle him to refresh my memory.

  7. More Hels. His father was a Leibson with Latvian heritage.

  8. Maggie and Simon are my favourite "cookers" as Mia calls them. Sarah loves Adriano Zumba and his sweet treats :)

  9. Nahhh Andrew,

    His politics, not his family of origin!!!!! His politics were rightwing, nasty and harmed the entire working half of the population :(

    Along with some hefty help from Thatcher, he privatised the gas and electricity industries, he closed the coal industry and starved out the striking workers, reduced taxes to the mega-wealthy and cut services to education and health care.

  10. Cazzie, I am gonna have to look Zumba up.

    Hels, I am of a certain age. I remember him and what that wicked woman did. I was just surprised to learn of his heritage. Anglicizing Jewish heritage is a quite interesting subject to be pursued on another day.

  11. I love Nigella , she's great fun and you can always trust a cook who enjoys eating their own food as much as she does! But my favorite is definitely Rick Stein, he's just lovely! Who on earth is the pretentious cook from Perth, can't even think of any cooks from Perth!!

  12. PDP. A second vote for Rick Stein. He must be good. Ian Parmenter is or was a Perthite.

  13. Zumbo is a chef, Zumba is a fitness thing!

    I adore Maggie & Simon and I've got a soft spot for the Hairy Bikers, they make me laugh.

  14. Clear Fen. Forgot about the Bikers.