Friday, December 02, 2011

Nice Thing

Among the photos of the Bolter (my paternal grandmother), I found one of a house in Devonport, Tasmania which she had some connection with. The Bolter had written the exact address in white ink, as was the habit then. I checked on a couple of sites and the house is still there and I could see it with Street View. I scanned and printed out the photo and sent a copy to owner with a note, including my email address.

Our neighbour back in the eighties gave us a photo of our old house in East Malvern taken just after it was built, 1934 I think. I scanned that and printed it out and sent a copy with a note to the present occupants, including my email address.

R said it was a nice thing to do. I thought so. I realise not everyone is interested in history or buildings as much as I am, not everyone has email, though I did include my name and where I live, so I could be found in the phone book, but there was no response from either.

People have been very kind and helpful to me on the internet over the years. I hope I have always thanked them. I think I have.

Sending the photos cost less than a dollar, nothing, and a little time. A lack of response will not stop me doing such thing again, but I am slightly disappointed. Perhaps I am just being silly and expecting too much. They didn't ask for the photos. I just thought they might find them interesting.


  1. I reckon these people might think you're a weirdo, a stalker or a scammer trying to scam money off them, maybe its me but that's what i think some of the reasons are you got no response :-).

  2. I think it was a brilliant thing to do. Well done Andrew.
    I have often thought that a webspace where you could post such pictures would be interesting. I am sure some clever IT person could stich all the old photos together to show the street scapes over the years.

  3. Have I ever told you Andrew, you are my hero?

  4. That is a wonderful thing to do, Andrew, good on you.
    There's a lack of manners everywhere these days, maybe a simple 'thankyou' is on the endangered list with our history!

  5. Here is a true story to reaffirm your faith in humanity.

    I spent my Gap Year overseas in 1966 and became very close to a young woman from Peru. At the end of the year, we went back to our own countries and continued writing to each other for five years .. until she married a Russian newcomer and disappeared into the wilds of Brasil.

    Then in 2006 she wrote to me again, care of the only postal address she had i.e my parents' home from 1966.

    The young woman who lives in that house didn't know the sender or the addressee, so she asked around until she found someone who knew me. I received the letter and photos absolutely intact :)

    Women are harder to trace because they often lose their surname at marriage.

  6. That was a great thing to do Andrew, you might have struck out in these cases, but statistically there would be many people who would love to receive such a picture in the post.

    And a lovely success story, Hels.

  7. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I know how you feel. People, even friends, don't respond to random acts of kindness. It drives me crazy!! V.

  8. Windsmoke, maybe. I can't imaging people would really be that suspicious though.

    BDT, yes, I reckon streetscape photos like that would be wonderful.

    To use your lingo Rubye, aw shucks. That is such a nice thing to say.

    Jayne, in some areas I do lower myself to other peoples standards, but in the areas no. I shall go on to share.

    That is a way cool story Hels. Are you still in touch with her?

    FruitCake, I would have thought it was a nice thing to receive, and just a minute to say thanks.

    V, you have something on your mind. I hope I am not a friend who has not responded to kindness from you.

  9. It IS a nice thing to do ... so I guess that just proves that not everyone is nice! Quelle surprise!!

  10. Red, I did not really expect a response, but if I received one, I would have been really chuffed.

  11. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Well, now that you mention it...No, I wasn't thinking of anything or anyone in particular! Just a general observation. V.

  12. Lovely thing to do dear Hawt Andrew.
    The people might be very nice, but overseas? or in the middle of a major drama? in hospital, or the houses could have just been sold and new people are unpacking - there must be nice reasons why your thoughtfulness has been ignored. On the other hand, I have fallen over backwards doing good turns for people, and only got 'blah' in response, so that's the world really. Our reward in heaven ... maybe.

  13. Maybe it is a sign of the times or most likely it is just me but my first reaction as to one reason you haven't had a response was similar to that of Windsmoke's.

  14. Earning karma Em Stacks?

    It is interesting that you too think that Victor. It did not really occur to me.